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Who am I and how did I test this product?

I have been a songwriter/musician/producer for over ten years. I use the triple drive in-ear headphones outside the studio to fine tune my compositions. I use these headphones because they have a superior surround system which ensures I miss nothing.

Is 1more Inc. a scam?

1more Inc. is a consumer electronics audio company based in Shezhen, China. It also has a division in San Diego, California. 1more has been in business for four years. Its website was created in 2003. 1more is known for developing superior quality headphones at affordable prices.

What do the positive and negative reviews say?

This product has 700+ positive reviews and 200+ negative reviews on Amazon.

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Who else recommends this product?

This product is recommended by for its affordable price.

Pros of triple driver in-ear headphones

A decent social media following 1more has 600+ followers on Twitter and 13,000+ followers on Facebook.
The main website has accessible support The main website has an email address and phone number for access. Open hours are not indicated.
Triple drivers These drivers are like tiny woofers. They offer full bass and a wide soundstage.
Cutting edge design This product features oblique angled ear fittings which naturally fit the ear canals. These headphones come with 9 sets of ear tip sizes for a comfortable fit. Additionally, these earpieces are made of lightweight aluminum alloy.
High resolution audio The triple drivers are Hi-Res certified and offer a frequency rate of 40,000Hz.
Intelligent control technology In-line remote control is compatible with iPhone, Android and iPad. With the 3-button remote control you can select songs, adjust volume, and take calls. This product also features super MEMS microphone that reduces background static and cross-talk.

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Cons of triple driver in-ear headphones

Warranty This product does not have a warranty.