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23andme DNA test kit

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Who am I and how did I test this product?

I am a University student who is pursuing a Bachelor in Science. I was curious as to when I heard about the 23andme DNA test kit and what it can.  Decided to give it a try and ordered one online. It was fun and interesting. I tested and received a huge amount of raw data which ranged from wellness report, carrier report to ancestry report. So far, I have used the 23andme DNA test kit twice in the last two years.

Is the 23andme Company a scam?

23andme is a private and personal company that is based in Mountain View, California. The name of the company is obtained from the 23 pairs of chromosomes in the normal human cell. The company has a supply base in the United Kingdom and Canada. The company has been in business for the past 11 years. Their website has been online for 11 years.

What do the positive and negative reviews say?

The product has 100+ positive reviews and 60+ negative reviews on the Amazon website. This product has been in the market since 2014.

Pros of the 23andMe DNA Test – Personal Genetic Service

Feature Benefits
Has a large social media following It  has 16,000+ subscribes on you tube, 700+ followers on pinterest, 65,000+ followers on twitter,23,000+ followers on instagram and 290K+ likes on face book.
Offers online support They have an email address n their website which one can use to get any of their questions about the services offered. One is assured to receive a response within 24 hours.
Simple and easy to use After one has acquired their test kit, they are required to spit in the tube, as per the instructions provided, put the unique barcode in the tube and then post the kit back on a pre-paid package.
Customer privacy and security This ensures that the one’s information is protected and not available to the general public.

Access controls are put in place to prevent accidental theft, misuse, loss and alteration of test results.

Fast results The results are usually in the form of a detailed report and are availed to the client after 4-8 weeks of testing.
Ancestry report The ancestry report informs one about their family lineage and ancestry.
Wellness report Aids in keeping one’s health strong as one is more informed about their genetics hence can make better decisions relating to their lifestyle.
Trait report It helps in the discovery of what makes one unique. It maybe in their physical attributes or in terms of food preferences.
Carrier status report It helps one to know if they are carriers to particular diseases. This is important when one is planning on starting a new family.


23andme DNA test kit for health and ancestry reports

Cons of the 23andMe DNA Test – Personal Genetic Service

Vague results The DNA test may indicator that one is not a carrier of any disease while in reality, they are carriers of an inheritable disease.
Results take longer to be communicated. One is supposed to receive their test results after 4-8 weeks. Sometimes it may take up to 10 weeks before one receives their results.


Other publications that recommend the 23andMe DNA Test – Personal Genetic Service

The 23andme DNA test for personal genetic services has been featured in the as one of the top three autosomal DNA tests one can take when determining their genetic genealogy.