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Kindle devices allow users to search, purchase, download and read e-books and other digital media through wireless networking. These e-readers have fast become the new way of reading books and with the number of advantages that they have compared to normal tablets, there is a high demand for them. Some of the best things about e-readers is that they have a longer battery life than average tablets, their screens resist the sun’s glare which makes it easier to read outside without hurting your eyes and best of all, they are much cheaper!

This list comprises of the best kindle e-readers on the market.

  1. Kindle Keyboard

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The Kindle Keyboard is 6 inches with 167 PPI screen resolution. It is available in two colors, white and graphite. The e-reader has spoken menu navigation, 4 GB memory and a long life battery that can last up to a month if one uses it to read for approximately 30 minutes a day. The display is sharp as well as having dark fonts which make it easier to read.

2. Kindle E-reader

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This Kindle E-reader is easy on your eyes since there is no screen glare. The battery charges in less than 4 hours from a computer and lasts up to 4 weeks. It has a 6 inch screen and can connect to WiFi which allows you access to over a million books. You can adjust the text to whichever size you are comfortable with on this e-reader as well as hold it in one hand as you read. One can also easily translate texts just by highlighting them. If you are on a low budget and are looking for an awesome e-reader then this is definitely the one for you.

3. Kindle Paperwhite E-reader

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The paperwhite contains 4 GB internal storage, and an amazing eight week battery life. The screen is crisp and allows fast reading because of the technology that allows one to read without glare from the sunlight. But even with that, one can still enjoy their late night reads because it has four built in LED lights. It has a comfortable grip because of the rubbery feel at the back, meaning one can hold it for hours without being uncomfortable. One can query words you don’t understand without leaving the page. Generally, the paperwhite has a wonderful display, brilliant design and build, and access to millions of library of eBooks.

4. Kindle Voyage E-reader

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The Kindle Voyage contains 4 GB internal storage and an amazing slick screen that has a back light that automatically adjusts itself to the ambient light of any area. It also features the anti-glare and 300 PPI screen which makes one feel like you are reading right of the page of a book. The battery life also lasts up to 6 weeks and one can turn the pages by squeezing the pagepress button on the side. It also has six built in bulbs that light up if you want to read in the dark. This Kindle e-reader is truly a readers dream.

5. Kindle Oasis E-reader

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The Kindle Oasis comes with a leather case that contains an additional battery that boosts its charge up to two months long. It has a back light for reading in the dark and buttons dedicated for turning pages as well as a 6 inch display screen that offers crisp clear text. The e-reader has 4 GB memory which allows one to store thousands of books as well as access to millions of titles on Kindle.