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Who Am I and How Did I Test This Product?

I have been an enthusiast extreme sports photographer and videographer for over ten years. I have used Akaso EK7000 for three months in capturing various types of sports such as surfing, skiing, and sky diving.

Is Akaso a Scam?

Akaso is a sports electronics company owned by Yuchun Zheng. Akaso has beein in business for over a year. Its website was created in 2015. The site is hosted by, LLC in Scottsdale Arizona. Akaso is known for making affordable sports imaging products and TV boxes.

What Do the Positive and Negative Reviews Say?

The Akaso EK7000 has 3,000+ positive reviews and 400+ negative reviews on Amazon. This product has been available since October 2016.

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Who Else Recommends This Product?

This product has been recommended by as the best action camera that will cost less than the price of a GoPro.

Pros of Akaso EK7000

The main website has a number for support The website’s store, tabletexpress, has a US number accessible from Monday to Friday for support (10am-5pm EST).
The tabletexpress store has warranty and repair information Customers can get detailed information on warranties and repairs. This includes a 1-year limited manufacturer warranty for devices and a 3-month warranty for accessories.
HD 4K video recording This camera features ultra HD 4K recording. You can capture 4K at 25fps, 2.7K at 30fps, and 1080p at 60fps. The high resolution and high frame rate offers sharp smooth videos.
12MP burst photos You can capture burst photos at 30fps or use time lapse at intervals of 0.5 to 60 seconds.
Built-in Wi-Fi and HDMI This feature allows you to connect your camera to your phone, laptop or any other device and share photos and videos via social media. This is made possible by downloading the app iSmartDV on your device. The camera supports Android and iOS. The camera also has an output for micro HDMI.
Remote control You can remotely shift from burst photo mode or single photo mode to time lapse mode easily with a wrist 2.4G wireless RF remote.
Affordable This camera offers 4K video recording under $100. Other cool features also make it a value for money camera.
100 meters waterproof camera This camera has a waterproof case which makes it ideal for underwater shooting.
2-inch LCD screen You can easily view the action from the 2-inch LCD screen.
Lightweight This camera is small and easy to carry anywhere.
Great packaging This camera comes in an impressive package. It comes with: 1x AKASO EK7000 Camera
1x 2.4G Remote Control
2x 1050mAh Battery
1x Waterproof Case
1x Bicycle Stand
7x Mount
2x Clip
1x Helmet Mounts
1x Bandages
5x Tethers
1 x Protective Backdoor
1x USB Cable
1x AC Charger
1x Lens Cloth
1x Manual
Works with GoPro mounts and accessories This camera works with GoPro mounts and accessories which can be used for indoor or outdoor extreme activities.
Can install filters You can easily install Sandmarc filter kits for underwater photography. Thus kit comes with 3 filters for blue water, 1 for green water, and 1 for night diving.

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Cons of Akaso EK7000

Product’s social media following The Facebook page, Akasolifestyle, has 223 likes.
No wall charger The process of removing one battery and putting in another in order to charge is a tedious task.
Short battery life The battery life lasts less than an hour especially when taking 4K video.
Disorganized footage on the app There is no way to tell which photos are new and which ones are old in the app. This can make sorting them out really difficult.
Wi-Fi connection is limited You cannot use the Wi-Fi on your phone when you have connected it to the camera.
Ten minute long videos This camera cannot take videos longer than ten minutes. This means that you will have to get software that you can use to make the short clips into a full movie.

Is This a Best Selling Product?

Akaso EK7000 action camera is the best selling underwater camera on Amazon. This is because it sells under $100 and has a 100 meters waterproof casing.

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