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amcrest wireless wifi camera

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Who am I and how did I test this product?

I am a mother to two kids. I use the Amcrest ProHD wireless IP camera to watch my sons when am not at home. I have used the Amcrest wireless wifi camera for one year. It allows me to have updates of everything that goes on when am not around by use of my smart phone or tablet.

Is the Amcrest Company a scam?

Amcrest Company is based in the United States, and supplies its products widely to Canada, the UK, Germany and France. The company is well known since its products are simple, reliable, secure and have firmware updates for feature enhancements. The company has been in business for the past 12 years and their website has been online for the past 6 years.

What do the positive and negative reviews say?

This product has 6000+ positive reviews and 1000+ negative reviews on Amazon. This product has been in the market since 2015.

amcrest camera pack

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Pros of the Amcrest ProHD 1080P Wireless Wifi IP Camera, Black.

Features Benefits
The Amcrest wireless wifi IP camera has a large online following. It has 3000+ subscribers on YouTube with 100,000+views, 600+ followers on instagram, 9000+ likes on face book and 10+ on twitter.
Their main website has an email address and a number for support. One can easily access help with the product 24/7.
Easy to set up and install. The camera can be easily set up and its wifi setup is simple. Once powered on, download the Amcrest view app, scan the QR code and the setup and the camera is ready for use within five minutes. Live videos can be viewed from one’s tablet, computer or phone.


True HD in 1080 p The camera has an Ambarella processor and a Sony image sensor. This allows one to take images at a 1920 by 1080 p at 30 frames per second.

The high resolution means that the images will have finer details hence reducing eye strain. Details in an image ensure that it is rich in color and makes it different from the average images.

Also, when cropping images, the high resolution allows one to retain the details of the images without losing the quality.


Enhanced zoom This feature allows for viewing of an entire area with a 360degree tilt. The zoom function enhances sharpness of videos.

The ability to move the camera around and the 90 degree view angle gives complete control over what one is watching.

Multiple storage options The camera can read a microSD card, NAS, FTP server or any Amcrest NVR. This gives the user additional storage options. NAS allows for intelligent video storage while also managing file sharing, multimedia and data backup.
Viewing in the dark The camera has a cutting edge night vision technology which allows one to have crystal clear images even in total darkness.

The 12 IR LEDs allow up to 32 feet of night vision.

Two way talk The Amcrest ProHD camera has a built-in two ways audio. It has an embedded speaker and mic which are setup using cancelling algorithms. This allows one to talk and listen clearly and be part of whatever is happening at any time.
Cloud storage. The Amcrest Cloud gives up to four hours of continuous recorded storage. This service is free of charge while there is an optional 7 day, 15 day and 30 day storage plan at a monthly charge of $6 per camera.

Playback of video footages is also enhanced by the 1080 p quality by logging in from a computer or the Amcrest cloud smart phone app.

Secure SSL and AES Encryption


The camera has a secure SSL connection through HTTPS and AES encryptions for wireless devices to adhere to the wifi standards for encrypted connections.
Ports The camera has a number of ports. These include the Ethernet port, power port, a 3.5mm audio input and output jack, an alarm I/O port, a micro SD card slot and a network activity LED indicator.
Support and warranty Support is available from the YouTube channel, forums and email support teams. Any queries are answered within 30 minutes while there is a 30 day money back guarantee on purchases that are not delivered.

The camera has a one year warranty hence this ensures that if it does not work within one year of purchase, it is to be replaced from the company’s headquarters in Houston, Texas.


amcrest wireless wifi camera

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Cons of the Amcrest ProHD 1080P (1920TVL) Wireless WiFi IP Camera, Black.

Connection issues. One may experience issues while using the Amcrest view lite app. This can be corrected by using the Amcrest view pro app.
Uses 2.5 GHz only. Use of the 2.5 GHz band may slow connections since t is often busy and widely used by many people.
Not weather proof. Considering the fact that the camera is a in-house camera and it has many parts, excess humidity can cause damages to the camera.
Need to disable IR while outdoors. When recording outdoors, one has to disable the IR function since it does not work well under too much light.
Annoying noises When the mic and speaker are left on continuously, they create an irritating noise because of their close proximity in the small package.


Other publications that recommend the Amcrest ProHD 1080P Wireless WiFi IP Camera, Black.

The Amcrest ProHD 1080 P wireless IP camera is one of the best 10 surveillance cameras under $100 as per the website.

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