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Arlo Pro Surveillance camera

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Who am I and how did I test this product?

Am a very busy mother and wife who spends most of my time away from the house because of work. I therefore have to monitor what goes on while am away so that I ensure and update myself on the peace and security of my family. What has really helped me is the Arlo Pro Security camera, which I have owned for the past two years.

Is Arlo Company a scam?

Arlo is a smart home security company under the famous Netgear that is known for their provision of faster Wi-Fi experience, routers or modems.

The company dates back to 1998 though their website has been active since 2003.They are famous for offering smart web-cam DIY security cameras which are waterproof as compared to most competing cameras. Though they are a bit pricey, approximately $200, they have been professionally engineered with innovative designs, making it worth the cost.

What do the positive and negative reviews say?

The Arlo Pro security camera has 3000+ positive reviews.

The negative reviews are 400+.

This product was introduced by Netgear in October 2016.

Pros of Arlo Pro Security Camera

Pros Benefits
Social media following Arlo Smart home has a Facebook following of 245,000+, 23,000+ Twitter followers, 4900+ YouTube subscribers and 5000+ followers on Instagram. You may seek support from the social sites or watch their videos on tutorials and various challenges on YouTube.
Friendly and highly responsive customer support The customer service is friendly and replies instantly; in just a couple of minutes or less.

Before seeking support, you are given the option of reviewing the frequently asked questions, support articles and how-to videos.

Phone support is free for the first 90 days from purchase. Afterwards, a small charge is incurred on the calls according to the phone service provider. The United States contact information is 408-638-3750.

Warranty One year hardware warranty, valid from the day of purchase
100% wire free The camera can be placed anywhere; on a tree, wall or mounted at any other place wirelessly. No cord is needed or wiring hassles.
Weatherproof Arlo Pro is not affected by rain, sunshine, light, dust, heat, moisture or cold. It is therefore ideal for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

It can still withstand temperatures between 14 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

HD video quality The video quality (720p) is sharp and detailed.

You can watch it via live streaming or recorded.

Rechargeable batteries The lithium 123 batteries are included in the package and last up to 6 months of continuous uninterrupted security.

The batteries come fully-charged. Charging takes up to 3 hours.

Wider viewing angle The viewing angle is 130 degrees; enabling you to see more.
Two-way audio The audio enables you to not only listen to the other end through the built-in speaker and microphone but also talk back.

The microphone and speaker function as an intercom.

Advanced motion detection The motion sensor makes sure to alert you on any slight movement.

The alerts are either via Email or mobile.

Integrated night vision This feature automatically switches on at night to light up the details.
Free cloud storage The cloud storage is free for 7 days of motion and audio recordings.
Local backup storage A local backup can be made by connecting a USB drive to the Arlo Pro base station.
Smart siren The 100+ decibel siren is remotely controlled or triggered by motion or audio. This feature helps you stop crime before it happens.
Accessible control You can control the Arlo Pro camera all the time using a smartphone, tablet or computer.
Free Arlo app The app is compatible with android, iOS, Apple TV and web browser.

The home screen displays all connected devices.

Add-on camera The Arlo Pro home security camera supports up to 15 cameras. The recording options and various pay plans enable you to connect and sync the cameras.

For instance, the 7 day free Basic plan lets you sync 5 cameras and offers 1 GB of cloud storage. The plan costs less than $10.

Compact design The camera is small; approximately the size of the palm of your hand. It measures 2.8 x 1.9 x 3.1 inches.

The exterior is oblong, curved with a glossy white finish.

Easy to set up The set up takes about 10 to 20 minutes but you can still do it at a shorter time than that according to how you have mastered the art.

It comes with a magnetic ball mount which makes it easy to be mounted on any surface.

Compatibility with the old base station The Arlo Pro camera is fully compatible with the previous base stations

Arlo Pro can be mounted anywhere

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Cons of the Arlo Pro security camera

Cons Limitations
The video quality Although the resolution is 720p, this is actually lower since you can’t see minute details such as a title of a book or some writings.
Warranty The Arlo Pro Home security team is not liable for damages that occur during the shipping.

If you haven’t registered yourself on their website upon purchase of the product, you might end up being denied the warranty

The batteries The Arlo Security camera strictly uses the Netgear batteries. The battery life varies depending on usage, therefore you may note that it can still last for 5 days or less.

For high traffic area, the battery span can be for just a day due to constant motion and sound detection.

No continuous recording Recording is based on the event i.e. when motion or sound is detected.

The default recording length is 10 seconds but can be adjusted only up to 2 minutes, then the recording stops. This may occur even when the movement is still ongoing.

The power cord For outdoors, the Arlo Pro camera cannot be connected to a power cord since it is not weatherproof as is the case with the camera. You will have to rely on the batteries alone.
The base station It is expensive, as it requires both power and high speed internet connection (1 Mbps). The base station connects to your router.


Why the Arlo Pro Security Camera is the best

Arlo Pro security camera is the most effective for your outdoor monitoring at home or on your business premise. Unlike most security cameras, it is weather resistance and therefore can withstand all weather conditions from a lot of heat, cold or moisture.

The camera runs wirelessly on battery power and wakes up for live streaming faster than most competing cameras.It automatically arms or disarms based upon your presence. A new feature is to be launched by Arlo to enable the Smart camera to recognize cars, people, animals or swaying trees so as to improve on alerts and as a way of minimizing false alarms. The greatest advantage it has is that it works quite well immediately close to and also 100ft away from the router. The angle of view is wide enough (130 degrees) to monitor a larger area.

The package includes the security camera, rechargeable battery, camera power adapter, camera power cable, magnetic wall mount and screw set, window decal and the quick start guide.

Arlo Pro mounted indoors

Other publications that recommend Arlo Pro Security Camera

The Arlo Pro security camera has been reviewed by as the best camera one can have for their outdoor or indoor monitoring. The site has reviewed it so far as the battery powered security camera that still delivers high quality HD resolution no matter the distance covered.

The reviewed and recommended the Arlo Pro security camera as the best considering that it has incredibly sharp HD video, works with other smart home devices and offers absolutely free cloud storage. The camera’s video quality, flexibility and integration with other smart devices is what made it to the PC Magazine editor’s choice as an excellent home surveillance camera.