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Pewdiepie born Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg is a Swedish vlogger and comedian. He is the owner of the Pewdiepie channel which has a total of 53 million subscribers with over 14 billion views.  He is known for logging let’s play which shows his commentary and reactions to the games he plays.  His style of video content is mostly energetic, obnoxious, goofy and full of profanity.  His content is said to be unfiltered and genuine. To record his content, Pewdiepie uses three cameras; the canon XA100 professional cam recorder is used when he wants to record high quality stuff and has a person filming him, canon power shot G7X when he is filming by himself for his vlogs and the Logitech quick cam pro 9000 when recording his gaming videos.

Canon XA10

canon XA 10

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The Canon XA10 is one of the camcorder which is packed into a ultra compact body using professional technology. It is designed to give one great functionality and amazing versatility which ensures stunning video and audio performances.

The general specs of this camera include an depth of 6.3 inches, a widescreen video capture, an HD CMOS pro optical sensor, 2.37 pixels, digital zoom capabilities of 2x, a 1/3 inch optical sensor, FXP, MXP, LP,SP XP+ video recording modes, a DIGOC DV II image processor, an AVCHD digital video format, a JPEG image recording format, am image stabilizer, digital photo shooting modes, a 2.07 MP video resolution, a Dolby digital AC-3 , 2 channel recording sound system and a NTSC analog video format.

Its features include a wide angle, fast Canon high definition video lens of 30.4 mm and a focal length of 1.8 to give the user high quality images. It also has a variable speed 10X optical zoom that is shock less and 8- blade iris which gives images a more attractive bokeh effect. The mini focus distance is at 23.6 inches while the macro focus range is of 0.8 inches. It also has a group qty is 10, element qty is 12 and the filter size is of 58 mm.

Its HD CMOS pro sensor, which is designed and manufactured by Canon, ensures images are captured in full HD at a 1920 by 1080 resolution. Taking into consideration, the pixel size which is 2.6 times larger than the ordinary CMOS sensors, this camera delivers a higher sensitivity with a wide dynamic range.

Its audio options include a 2x XLR input, a microphone input jack of 3.5 mm and a built-in low noise microphone. The audio is of the 2ch Dolby format and can be recorded using any combination of inputs.

This camera has a 8.8 cm LCD screen with a EVF of 0.6 cm. the large touch screen LCD which is mounted on the side is meant to provide an outstanding monitoring capability. It comes with a 920K resolution. A focus assist and a waveform monitor on the screen allows for easy framing of shots. This camera also has a 260 K dot EVF.

The memory and storage unit of this Canon model is a 64 GB memory and a 2x SDXC slots. This means that the camera can record a full high definition AVCHD video of up to 24 mbps to its memory. Using the SDXC memory card slots allows one to record or film continuously without any interruptions. The two slots are for ensuring that footage can be stored simultaneously on them.

The Canon XA10 supports infrared shooting modes.  This is for low light or night recordings. It also gives white and green color options depending on the mode one wants.  The Canon lens is uniquely coated with an in-built diffuser to give clear and sharp pictures throughout the entire frame. The infra red lamp is inbuilt into the handle of the camcorder.

The camera has an advanced dynamic optical image stabilization system, a powered IS mode to guarantee shake free videos and an instant AF for sharper focus when taking every shot.

This camera can be used for multiple situations. This is enhanced by having a lens filter thread, accessory shoe, start/stop button, zoom level control and a detachable handle.

The exposure and white balance features include automatic, program, aperture-priority and shutter-priority modes with the exposure metering being either multi segment or centre weighted. The shooting programs are fireworks, beach, night scene, sport mode, sunset, portrait mode and spotlight. The white balance is either custom, automatic or presets.

The maximum shutter speed of the Canon XA10 is 1/2000 sec while the minimum is at 1/ 2 sec and the minimum illumination are of 0.1 lux.

The other details on this Canon camera include brightness control; relay recording, sharpness and saturation control. The battery is 1 X lithium ion rechargeable type. (Canon BP-808). It weighs 1.72 lb with a dimension of 3 by 3 inches.

Canon power shot G7 x

canon powershot G7 X

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Pewdiepie uses a Canon power shot G7X when he is recording by himself. This camera has nice exposure compensation, touch screen and a click control dial which gives one a high degree of control.

It is an excellent camera which will deliver excellent, classy and quality photos. This camera has a nice tonal range which delivers highly detailed photos with less clipping of shadows.

The general specs of this camera include a 1.6 inch depth, a BSI-CMOS optical sensor, a 20.2 megapixel sensor resolution, a 1.0” effective sensor resolution, a DIGIC 6image processor, a digital zoom of 4x, 31 auto focus points, AF/AE face detection details, a H.264, iFrame digital video format, a JPEG and RAW image recording format and it provides HDMI, USB 2.0 interfaces.

It has a 3 inch LCD display and a folding display factor. The lens system comprises of a 1.8-2.8 lens aperture, an optical zoom of 4.2 x, a minimum focal length of 8.8 mm, a maximum focal length of 36.8 mm and a focal length of 24 m which is equivalent to a 35 mm camera lens.  The focus adjustment distance of this camera is both manual and automatic with a zoom adjustment that is a motorized drive. The group qty is 9 while the element qty is 11.the lens system also includes an inbuilt aspherical lens with a neutral density filters. The memory and storage capabilities of this camera include an SD memory card.

The wireless interface is of IEEE 802.11b/g/n and of near field communication. The other connectivity features include a remote control by use of a mobile device. The remote shooting of the camera operates while in program mode and it allows for zooming, timer setting and zooming. It also enables one to browser images on their phone and to download images while geotagging them from the camera. It also allows for direct posting on social media by connecting to the Canon’s image gateway service. This camera has no view finder.

The camera can shoot continuously while on autofocus mode and takes 1.5 sec to power on shoot, 0.5 to 0.8 sec to lock focus and shoot as per the lighting conditions.

The Canon G7 X has a compact body which easily fit in a pants pocket. The LED screen can also be titled which makes it selfie friendly with classy photos. The down sides of this camera include soft corners when shooting at wide angles, limited battery life and it does not work well when shooting in RAW format.

Logitech quick cam Pro 9000

logitech webcam pro 9000

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The Logitech quick cam pro 900 camera offers a combination of easy to use software, stellar image quality and a sturdy stable stand.  It is mostly used for desktop webcams since it is flexible with its two hinged stand.

This camera is manufactured by Logitech and is suitable for use as a web camera. It requires a wired technology for it to work well. The camera has a maximum video resolution and video capture of 1600 by 12000 at 30 frames per second. The camera features include 720 pixels HD movie recording, right sound technology, USB 2.0 compatibility and Skype compatibility.

The image sensor is of 2.0 megapixels while the focus adjustment of the lens is automatic.

This camera requires an operating system of Microsoft windows 7, Microsoft windows vista, XP or any later version.  The minimum RAM size needed is either 256 MB or 512 MB, processor speed of 1 HZ and a minimum hard drive space of 200 MB.

The video input is in either black or white or colored and it has an audio support which is built-in.

The interface consists of a USB 2.0 while the interface connector type is a 4 pin USB type A.

It is designed to produce well balanced, clear and vibrant images in all lighting conditions.