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Concept2 Model D rower

Who am I and how did I test this product?

I have been a fitness trainer and gym instructor for more than 10 years. I have owned the Concept2 Model D rowing machine for two years and which I have been consistently using for my home gym applications on my own and also on my clients.

A good workout machine should generally help you to stay fit, burn fats and calories and help you keep in form without interfering with your health. If you experience back pains, stress in the knees or unusual body stress, then you have fallen for the wrong equipment. In case you want to buy the machine for indoor applications, you first need to try them out at the gym before making a purchase. This will help identify any impact the machine might have on your back or knees especially if you are susceptible to such problems.

Is Concept2 Company a scam?

Concept2 brand is known for their best selling and world class rowing products to help you achieve and stay fit and for sports training for Olympic rowers or by athletes. Since 1976, they have maintained and improved their high quality standards by coming up with better rowing machine models. For instance, the Model D machine is quieter and smoother with ergonomic handle and PM5 monitor as compared to the previous models.

Concept2 has its website operating since 1995.

What do the positive and negative Reviews say?

Concept2 Model D rowing machine has 1200+ positive reviews and 20+ negative reviews. The product has been available since 2003.

Celebrity recognition

The New York Times has recommended this rowing machine, as most users confess to have tried it after reading ads from the magazine’s blog. In one of their articles, the concept2 machine has been has been commended to be equipped with 3-D screens that lead rowers through various workouts on a virtual driver.

Pros of Concept2 Model D indoor rowing machine

Pros Benefit
Social media following Twitter handle with over 20,000 followers, Facebook account, 400+ YouTube subscribers and an Instagram account.
Friendly and highly responsive customer support Contact support for inquiries applies for US and Canada phone, fax and email. The sales and customer service toll free phone is 800-245-5676 while the direct contact is 802-888-4791.

You may also seek support or inquiries via E-mail.

The customer services are open from Monday to Friday at 7:30am to 5:00pm ET, excluding major holidays.

The support staff is helpful, kind, professional and values its customers.

Warranty Concept2 gives a limited 2 year warranty on the PM or moving parts and a 5 year warranty on the frame. Within 30 days of purchase, a customer is free to return the product if they are not satisfied with it. The cost of the machine is returned fully but the shipping costs are covered by the customer.
Involves multiple muscle groups To provide a full body workout. The muscles involved include the legs, triceps, and flexor muscles of the fingers, abdominal muscles, shoulder, biceps, gluteal and the calves.
Adjustable footrests To enable quick and customizable sizing for a wide range of shoe sizes.
Ergonomic handle with a 10 degree bend For comfort when rowing with a natural arm and hand position.
Flywheel It has been designed to minimize noise and maximize a smooth feel.
Spiral damper The damper is the lever on the side of the flywheel, and it controls airflow into the cage.

A higher damper setting lets more airflow to the flywheel housing. This in turn requires more energy to spin the flywheel against the air. Lower damper settings allow less air and thus less work in spinning the flywheel.

Therefore, the spiral damper allows easy adjustment of the airflow to the flywheel so that you can control every stroke to your preference.

Mobility and flexibility It is easy to assemble and takes the shortest time to store. On average, that is half a minute to pull apart and another half to put back together.
The machine is smooth and quiet. You can actually watch TV at a normal volume and hear everything.
The slide is smooth and the seat is cushioned and made of firm rubber To ensure enough comfort throughout your workout.
The machine has no size restrictions Children or short people can comfortable fit in
Performance Monitor 5 with backlit display screen This easy to use monitor provides accurate and comparable data for every row.

It is compatible with USB flash drives for maximum storage and transfer of data to your Mac or PC.

Supports wireless monitoring of the heart, thanks to the ANT+ and Bluetooth smart connectivity pairing with compatible heart rate monitors.

The monitor arm is adjustable so that you can position it wherever you want.

With the PM5, you can track distance, pace, calories burned, speed and watts.

The menu lets you manage various features such as presetting workouts, games or language settings.

Model D wireless capabilities enable it to connect to smartphones, computers and machine-machine racing.

RowPro software This is an additional feature that connects with PM5 to allow you compete against your previous rows and other rowers around the world.
Aluminum monorail shape Makes the machine stronger

The rowing machine is foldable and mobile

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Cons of Concept2 Model D rowing machine

Not ideal for people susceptible to back pains It might be problematic to anyone with back pains. Therefore, it is advisable for them to try out the machine at the gym before purchasing it.
May cause knee stresses The start of each stroke requires a deep knee bend, which is uncomfortable to people with motion issues of the knee.

Even for professional rowers, the knee might be stressed.

Noisy fan The fan may be too noisy to some people, and gets louder the faster and harder one rows.
Expensive It is so expensive, considering that you are required to buy the software so as effectively utilize the PM5.
Very tall people might experience problems For very tall people, the leg inseam length might be a problem, though this happens in very rare cases.

The leg inseam is measured from the top of the thigh to the ankle. Some people higher that 6’8 with leg inseam length of 37 or more seem to have problem fitting to the rail.

The foot pedals are not adjustable for different foot widths This makes rowing slightly uneasy for people with wider foot. Only the average sized foot can be advantageous. This can be between 9 to size 12.
The machine requires a lot of space A lot of space is required to use this rower since it measures approximately 8 feet long.

Why the model D rowing machine is the best

Model D

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It is a trusted workout machine that comes directly to your house. You don’t have to waste more money subscribing to the gym, inconveniencing your schedule with attending the gym or just feeling tired to head there daily.

Model D is the ultimate indoor fitness machine for offering cardiovascular workout, involves multiple muscle groups, burning plenty of calories or training for sports and athletes. It is the best in providing full body workout as compared to running on treadmills, lifting weights or cycling, which only focus on specific muscles.

Model D is available in black and light gray colors. The purchase includes the user manual, tools and assembly instructions, and performance monitor quick start guide.

Other publications that recommend Model D rower

The concept2 Model D indoor rowing machine has been effective in cardio training for all the years since its first release. Various publications have been made by websites such as and which recommend the product as the best rowing machine in the 21st century. The site recommends the Model D rower for providing more comprehensive full body workouts hence best for use in physical fitness centers or by world’s fittest athletes. It is easy to set up, assemble and store, has a comfortable 14” seat for a consistent back and forth slide, adjustable footrests and ergonomically designed handles.

The reviews the Concept2 Model D as the most modern and ideal piece of machinery that has been designed to dictate a natural but safe way of working out your muscles without straining or injury. It does not matter if you are just a beginner in rowing or a pro. The flywheel design ensures a quiet row, the performance monitor keeps track of your data and the frame has been built in a way that makes it easy to assemble, pull apart and store the machine. The site recommends this fitness rowing machine as the best in the market that gives you an intense workout.