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Who am I and how did I test this product?

I have been a systems admin for five years. I have always been dissatisfied with ineffective and expensive routers and range extenders. Therefore,  I decided to try the three pack eero. eero Wi-Fi has made life so much easier. Every device in every room is always connected.

Is eero Inc. a scam?

This is a technology company that specializes in developing wireless routers. The company has its headquarters in San Francisco. It has been in business for three years. was created in 1998. eero Inc. is known for developing wireless routers that use a Wi-Fi mesh system.

What do the positive and negative reviews say?

This product has 2,000+ positive reviews and 300+ negative reviews. This product has been available since February 2016.

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Who else recommends this product?

This product is recommended by because it is easy to setup and has great Wi-Fi coverage for the entire home.

Pros of eero Wi-Fi system

A decent social media following Eero has 20,000+ followers on Facebook and 20,000+ followers on Twitter.
The main website has an accessible support Customers can access a phone number and an email. Help can be accessed from Monday to Friday at 7am to 7pm (PT) and Saturday to Sunday at 8am to 6pm (PT). Help can also be accessed by through Twitter at @eerosupport.
Very easy to setup With the mobile app, you can get eero running in minutes.
Easy to manage The fact that you can control your home Wi-Fi from a mobile app makes you aware of connected devices and of the internet speed. This app is supported by Android and iOS smarphones.
Stays new eero automatically updates its software ensuring that you get new features are they are developed. This means that eero gets better with time.
Design eero has a very glossy white design that is sleek and stylish
Signal eero features a 5Ghz antenna that provides a strong signal. As a result, all rooms in your home will be covered by Wi-Fi.
Other features eero allows you to give devices nicknames using the app and it allows for custom DHCP.  Additionally, it has two Ethernet jacks, a USB 2.0 port, and a power adapter connector.

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Cons of  eero Wi-Fi system

Controls The controls of this device are limited to an internet pause button and scheduling internet access to family members. It lacks controls for blocking websites and filtering content.