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First Degree Fitness Newport AR rower

Who am I and how did I test this product?

I have been a personal trainer and a fitness consultant for more than 10 years. I have owned the First Degree Fitness Fluid Rower for more than a year and I have been impressed by its wonderful performance. I am using it consistently for my own home gym applications and also for my clients.

Is First Degree Company a scam?

First Degree Fitness (FDF) is a leading company in the fitness product innovation, as inspired by real life. The company embraces the fluid technology to maximize your indoor workouts from feather light to Olympic sprints.

With over 15 years in the industry, First Degree Fitness have continued to be the best sellers of the rowing, rock climbing or cycling machines incorporated with fluid innovation technology.

Their website has been in operation since 2002.

What do the positive and negative Reviews say?

This product has 30+ positive reviews and 5+ negative reviews. It has been available in the market since 2001.

Pros of First Degree Fitness Fluid rower

Feature Benefit
Customer support The company can be contacted through their various distributors worldwide i.e. in America, Europe, Africa, UK, Asia, India, Middle East or New Zealand. All enquiries, chats, support and follow ups are made by the respective distributors.
Long warranty First Degree Fitness has a competitive warranty of up to 10 years depending on the model. However, most of their models have a limited warranty of 5 years covering for the frame, 2 year warranty for tanks and seals and a year warranty for the components.
Ergonomic handle It serves to minimize strain on the arm, wrists and the hands so that the grip is comfortable throughout the rowing.
Multiple chamber ribbed internal tank

The tank is made of tough polycarbonate shell with a triple-bladed stainless steel paddle.

Provides a natural feel at the start of each stroke.

The polycarbonate material is durable and indestructible.

Fluid technology Provides the smoothest and consistent resistance.

The water can be adjusted from the inner tank to the outer to change the overall resistance profile according to the user’s preference.

Solid construction For durability and to make it effective for home use.

The machine has been constructed from solid American ash with metal fixtures. These components make the rower last a lifetime. They can withstand any stress or home accidents without wearing out easily.

Storage and mobility It is lightweight to easily move around, easy to set-up and assemble with an easy tilt frame.
Multi-functional Performance monitor The monitor tracks fitness data such as time, distance, strokes, calories burned, watts, interval training and heart rate reception.
Durable Belt drive Provides a smooth and quiet rowing session
Padded seat For a comfortable rowing experience
Well-functioning footrests They are adjustable, secures your feet effectively and can accommodate any shoe or foot size.
Dual caster wheels Makes it easy for the rower machine to be moved around.
Built-in USB interface Allows users to analyze workout data and race other rowers.

Solid construction

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Cons of First Degree Fitness Fluid rower

Pros Cons
The seat The seat may be uncomfortable after sometime due to the ridge at the center which rubs on one’s rear making it numb for a while.
Footrests The footrest does not pivot
Very tall people Very taller users (more than 6.6) may have problems fitting on the rower.
The performance monitor The performance monitor is basic, in that, it only tracks normal data such as time, tank resistance level, strokes per minute, distance, watts and calories. It lacks efficient smart connectivity.
Resistance Resistance can be a little light for strong users.

For those that are above 6’8, you may find that the resistance is lighter for your case.

Online races The backrest and online races are optional extras

Why the First Degree Fitness Fluid rower is the best

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This fluid rower fitness machine is designed to deliver fitness simulations with real life passions to athletes, sports trainers, health conscious persons and medical professionals. From the gym to the convenience of your house, nothing can limit your desire to work out and burn calories or those annoying unhealthy fats.

The machine consistently allows resistance that evenly distributes the load over the muscle groups according to their respective strength, optimizing the stroke power and exercise benefit. The resistance level can easily be changed just by the turn of a dial. It is therefore a key to a dynamic workout. FDF Newport AR is best for all ages, people of different fitness levels and body types for a full body cardio. It supports a weight capacity of up to 300lbs.

Other publications recommending this product

First Degree Fitness fluid rower is the ultimate workout machine. The has praised it for its resistance system and the unique fluid technology it uses. It has further reviewed the machine as well constructed with professional rowers using high degree of quality components. The says that the rower is the perfect example of a high quality, durable machine that is sure to impress. It is meant to build and tone your muscles, strengthen the cardiovascular function and increase one’s stamina. Rowing also aids in burning calories and is a perfect addition to any workout regimen where weight loss is your top priority.

The site reviews this rower as being great, having the most brilliant red color and incredible features such as the adjustable water resistance. It is the best rower that will actually meet all your needs. The site further states that the First Degree Fitness Newport rower is recommended for those people with injured knees, and who have no other ideal way of working out. As you row, you can calmly enjoy the soothing and the natural sound produced by the water whooshing in the background.