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Who am I and how did I test this product?

I have been a professional cleaner for three years. I bought this carpet cleaner for my home and it has done the job well so far. The best features are the two separate tanks which makes rinsing detergent an easy task.

Is Hoover a scam?

Hoover is an American vacuum cleaner company. It is based in Glenwillow, Ohio, USA. The company has been in business for 108 years. Its website was created in 1994. Hoover was based in the UK and USA in the early years. However, Hoover UK split from Hoover USA in 1993 and was acquired by an Italian company called Candy. In 2006, Hoover USA was sold to Techtronic industries for $107 million. Hoover is known for producing vacuum cleaners, deep cleaners, hard-floor cleaners, and laundry cleaners.

What do the positive and negative reviews say?

This product has 7,000+ positive reviews and 1,000+ negative reviews on Amazon.

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Who else recommends this product?

This product has been recommended by because it is easy to maneuver and maintain and it has a lot of attachments.

Pros of Hoover FH50150 carpet cleaner

A decent social media following Hoover has 49,000+ followers on Facebook, 8,000+ followers on Twitter, 4,000+ YouTube subscribers, and 2,000+ followers on Pinterest.
The main website has accessible support Customers can access support via a telephone number which can be accessed from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 6 pm EST.
Warranty This product has a 2-year limited warranty.
SpinScrub brush system This carpet cleaner features a 360 degree SpinScrub brush that safely scrubs carpet fibers from every angle. This ensures deep cleaning of the carpet.
Easy to fill, empty, and clean The Smart Tank system makes filling and emptying really easy. The recovery tank features a quick pour spout.
Heated cleaning This carpet cleaner directly applies forced heated air that helps to lift tough stains from carpet fibers. It also helps dry the carpet.
Dual tank technology This product features to separate tanks for clean and dirty water.
Lightweight This carpet cleaner weighs 90 pounds which makes it easy to maneuver.
Automatic detergent mixing This product automatically mixes detergent by providing the correct mix of water and detergent for best cleaning results.
8-inch hose and upholstery tool This 8-inch and upholstery tool easily cleans stairs and hard to reach areas.
DualV nozzle This nozzle offers strong and equal suction to clean surfaces fast and evenly.

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Cons of Hoover FH50150 carpet cleaner

Slow drying Sometimes the carpet takes three days to dry. This is inconveniencing since it is hard to live with a wet carpet.

Is this a best selling product?

This is the number one best selling product in carpet and upholstery cleaning machines on Amazon. This is because it has two separate tanks for plain water and detergent. Additionally, it has many included accessories and it is affordable.