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Who am I and how did I test this product?

I am a house wife with three kids. I love cooking and making healthy and nutritious meals for my family. The Instant Pot has helped me to expand my menu list and has made it possible for me to try to new recipes. This kitchen appliance is not only economic, but also energy efficient and very elegant in design. I have been using the instant pot 7-in-1 multi functional pressure cooker for the last two years.

Is the Instant Pot Company a scam?

The Instant Pot Company is based in Canada and supplies to the United States. The company has been in business for the past 11 years. Their website has been online for the last 8 years.

What do the positive and negative reviews say?

The product has 16,000+ positive reviews and 2,000+ negative reviews on the Amazon website. This product was first available n the market in 2013.

instant pot multi-functional pressure cooker

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Pros of the instant pot multi functional pressure cooker

Feature Benefit
It has a large social media following. The instant pot has 3,000+ followers on instagram, 5,000+ followers on twitter, 54,000+ likes on face book, 13,000+ subscribers on You Tube with 193,000+ views and 18,000+ followers on pinterest.
It has a contact number, email address, how to videos and FAQ section for support The instant pot has an email address where one is required to submit a ticket so as to get help. Their contact number is open for any queries from 8.30am to 6 pm on Eastern time, from Monday to Friday. It is closed on Saturdays, Sundays and during Canadian National Holidays.

The FAQ and how to video sections help the client to know more about the operation of the instant pot products.

7-in-1 multi functional pressure cooker. The instant pot has a slow cooker, rice cooker, yoghurt maker, steamer, sauté, warmer and a cooker-pressure cooker function.
Large and easy to use control panel. It consists of 14 microprocessors with controlled programs, keeps food warm automatically, dual pressure and 3 temperature controls for slow cooking and sauté.
Safe to use The Instant Pot’s safety designs have been tested and approved by the UL and ULC certifications. Hence the user is ensured of their safety while using the pot.

The safety lid lock keeps the lid in place and prevents accidental opening when the cooker is pressurized.

The leaky lid smart detection ensures there are no leakages and that steam is released at its open position.

The pressure regulator ensures that the working pressure is under the safety limit (15.23 psi).

The magnetic sensor at lid position monitors whether or not the lid is in an unsafe zone during pressure cooking.

The anti blockage vent prevents blockage of the vent by food debris.

Excessive pressure is regulated by the excess pressure protection which releases it into the internal chamber in case of a danger situation.

The automatic temperature control regulates  the temperature depending on the selected program

The fuse automatically cuts off power when the electrical current or the temperature exceeds the safety limits.

Convenient For a variety of cooking results and lifestyles, the instant pot is programmed with cooking modes which are adjustable it allows up to 24 hours of delayed cooking and can automatically keep the food warm for up to 10 hours.

Convenience is also enabled by the pot being easily adaptable to prepare modern, traditional and international recipes.

Easy steaming of sweet corn, baby carrots and green peas can be achieved by the pot in 4-7 minutes. Both in frozen and fresh modes. Mashed potatoes can be steamed in 15 minutes

Dependable consistency. The microprocessor monitors temperature and pressure, adjusts the heating intensity, monitors time and adjusts time depending on the volume of food inside the cooker.

The programs of the instant pot have been tested for optimal cooking results and consistency.

Elegant durable design The ergonomic industrial and elegant design of the instant pot is made using steel that is coated with a heat resistant paint on its exterior while the inner pot is made using 18/8 food grade, 304 stainless steel.
Energy efficient The instant pot is a green kitchen appliance. It saves up to 70% of electricity as compared to normal appliances such as a steamer and boiling pot. This is enabled because of less cooking time which results in less energy consumption.

Also, the pot’s monitoring system only heats the inner pot so as to maintain the pressure level. This means that 40% of the cooking time is minimized.

The outer housing of the pot is fully insulated and there are two layers of air pockets between the outer and inner pot. It ensures that energy is concentrated on cooking the food, hence it is saves energy.

Easy to clean The instant pot is designed in a way such that it is easy to clean for both right-handed and left-handed users.

The lid and the inner stainless steel are dish washable safe.

The cooker base can also be cleaned easily using a damp cloth.

Warranty There is a one year warranty on the product after purchase.


instant pot controls

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Cons of the instant pot multi functional pressure cooker

Failure by the manufacturer to honor warranty. Some customers have complained of their warranty not being honored after the Instant Pot failed to work.
Pressure does not build up After two uses, the pressure fails to build up despite having done so during the first try.
Holding capacity. The manufacturer describes the product as having the capacity to hold up to 8 quarts. This is false advertisement as it can in fact only hold up to 2/3, which is 4.23 quarts as the other third is left for expansion during boiling.


Other publications that recommend the instant pot multi functional pressure cooker

The instant pot multi-functional pressure cooker has en featured in the New York Times, under the column A Good Appetite, Why Do Cooks Love The Instant Pot? And has been quoted to be loved by many and sending mild-mannered cooks into a fits of passion. The BBC news featured the instant pot from a small Canadian firm which created a cult following on social media. features the instant pot as one of the 33+ easy pot recipes for any new user.

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