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Who am I and how did I test this product?

I like playing golf as my past time activity during weekends, when bored or just a way of maintaining physical fitness. When am in the field, I often feel some sort of loneliness and therefore I decided to add something new to my gaming. I purchased the ION Audio Tailgater Bluetooth speaker so that I could listen to music whenever am golfing. I have owned the speaker for a year and a half now and it has worked greatly for me. I recently had a get together party with my former classmates, and it also served us well and effectively.

Is ION Company a scam?

ION audio company was established in 2003. Its website has been active from then. The company is a consumer electronics manufacturer that produces Bluetooth audio products, electronic musical instruments, turn tables and conversion products.

The brand has won at least two awards as the Best of Innovations in 2009 for the Drum Rocker and the award for the Piano Apprentice at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2012.

Generally, the ION Company develops exceptional products to energize your entertainment. The musical instruments are meant to inspire music listeners and transform them to musicians themselves. They ensure that music creation is accessed by everyone with the latest technology incorporated in their products.

What do the positive and negative reviews say?

The Ion Audio Tailgater Bluetooth speaker has 1000+ positive reviews and 100+ negative reviews.

The product has been available from 2009.

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Pros of ION Audio Tailgater Bluetooth speaker

Social media following Ion has 100,000+ Facebook fans, 3 400+ twitter followers and 2600 YouTube subscribers.
Customer support You can direct your sales questions to 954-761-7550 or seek technical support on 401-658-3743.

Their availability is from Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. EST except on public holidays.

You may also email them for any other customer support.

Warranty The ION Audio products have a 90 day warranty which covers parts and labor.

The return policy is applicable within the first 30 days from date of purchase.

Bluetooth range and wireless connectivity The range covers up to 100 feet. The Bluetooth connection is compatible with Bluetooth enabled devices.
USB powerbank Enables you to recharge your devices such as smartphone or tablet.
Rechargeable battery The built-in battery last up to 50 hours of continuous music playtime, on a single charge.
Auxiliary input The 3.5mm aux input applies for Bluetooth unsupported devices
Built-in AM/FM radio You can listen to your best radio station with bright and legible display.

Dedicated buttons store 6 AM and 6 FM stations. There is a great rubber antenna for effective reception.

Easy Bluetooth pairing You can easily link your NPC enabled smartphone just with a single tap. Pairing only takes a second.
High quality sound The ION Audio Tailgater is a robust woofer and delivers a wider dispersion sound.
Button controls You can easily control your music with the play or pause buttons, skip to the next playlist or play the previous media with the specialized dedicated buttons.
Rugged design To withstand heavy use and endure hard conditions i.e. when outdoors.
Microphone You can record yourself or holler at the crowd with the included microphone
Inputs and outputs The speaker has an included 1/8” audio cable, 1/8 auxiliary input, ¼” mix input and integrated power outlets.
Frequency response 77 Hz to 20,000 Hz
Supported Bluetooth profiles A2DP or AVRCP

The control buttons, inputs and USB powerbank port

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Cons of ION Audio Tailgater Bluetooth speaker

No equalizer The speaker does not have a treble or bass adjustment
The system can be a bit heavier for single handed carrying It weighs at 16.3 lbs hence can be tiresome when carried single handedly. It could have been better if it came with a heavy duty strap for effective carrying.
There is no remote control You can only operate using the buttons on the speaker. This means that you can operate it when at a far distance.
Absence of wheels Its portability is limited to carrying, which can be burdensome.

Why the ION Audio Tailgater Bluetooth speakeris the best

The ION Audio Tailgater Bluetooth speaker is the best under $200. It is inexpensive but has richer specifications that can serve any music lover greatly. The easy Bluetooth pairing, range of up to 100 feet, USB powerbank and the great sound quality are some of the features that convince one to purchase this device. You can actually take it with you during outdoor games, when on a picnic or during a party with over 100 people: be so much assured that despite the number of people, everyone can still hear the powerful sound of the speaker clearly.

The package includes the tailgater itself, microphone with its cable, 3.5mm cable, power cable and the user guide.

Included microphone

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Other publications that recommend ION Audio Tailgater Bluetooth speaker

The site www.cnet.comreviews it as among the fewer under $200 sub-systems having deep, powerful and punchy sound. It has abundance of audio inputs including iPod dock, XLR mic input, RCA stereo jacks and instrument jacks for plugging in a guitar or any other relevant instrument. The site however shows dissatisfaction with its rough design or appearance. They therefore think it is best if you use it for outdoor activities rather than placing on a night stand or the living room. recommends the Bluetooth speaker because of its long lasting battery, versatility, durability and great sound quality. They have reviewed it as perfect for any karaoke party, loud player, able to stream music and it supports almost all devices.