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           Mr. Robot is a film produced by Sam Esmail who was fascinated by the hacker culture, thus aimed at making a movie about it for some years. The plot of the show is quite simple with a group of Hacktivists and Elliot is the main character who is once employed by a cyber-security corporation that works in close collaboration with a multinational company. He went on and originally intended Mr. Robot to be the main feature in the film, and the hacking robot debuted following the second season premiere and was aired again in the course of the tenth episode.

The entire film provides insights on how social engineering and insider threats need more than just a security tech. Thus, it can be seen that the movie teaches the audience many things that can be applied in daily utilization of internet as far as protecting businesses is concerned. The knowledge can help people in keeping away from the cybercriminals in the current world who can easily access one’s data just like the attackers in the series. This attacking can be realized various devices that are the internet enable such as personal computers, laptops, and tablets among other devices.

The digital security is emerging as to be an increasingly important issue in the contemporary world, and on top of that, even the entertainment industry is attempting to pop in. One of the latest in the trend of the modern hacking thrillers in the American networks is Mr. Robot. The whole drama goes down in a socially awkward security practitioner, Elliot Alderson as is much inducted into the world of cyber vigilantes led by Mr. Robot. The title of the Mr. Robot episodes always portrays at least two implications including the relation to hacking, which is a special indulgence in the core plotting and the other is grounded in the development or quality. Unlike in the pirating networks where a TV episode file is named with the season number and the episode number, with Mr. Robot, the naming is more like a computer program and their subsequent iterations.

Mr. Robot working on one of the many types of laptops he has been seen using in the hit TV series.

Mr. Elliot Alderson is a cyber-security engineer at the Allsafe whose one of the top most client is the E-Corp, and this reveals that he use computers and laptops to carry out his activities concerning cyber security functions. Computer programs use binary instructions that are composed of zeros and ones, which form the building block of all the computer systems whether personal computers or laptops and it is the binaries which make a computer work. Being a hacker, he had to have a laptop because such activities require an operational base to perform various functions related to hacking at any place any given time and laptop is among the devices that are efficient and convenient.

Mr. Elliot is seen using some laptops at different times, which may be Lenovo, Dell, Sony and the most recent make, which is the Razer blade stealth. The IRL hacker would function better with a great machine concerning specifications such as a light Mac Book air or the razor blade stealth. Once you look keenly, Mr. Elliot is seen downloading the Kali Linux virtual machine before indulging in his job on any new technological system using his laptop. Many suggestions and arguments have been made on the brand and specifications of the devices that Mr. Robot used in his work. Some have provided ideas that it was a Dell model, others Sony while other individuals have argued that it is not easy to tell. Nevertheless, with persistent research with different search engines about various brands of laptops and the system that are most suitable for hacking, some insights can be obtained to aid in recognition of the laptop.

The Razer Blade Stealth laptop used in the TV series.

To facilitate his computer technology based work, Mr. Root uses many tools including the Kali Linux, which is a complete operating system furnished with hacking tools, Wget, CANbus hacking among others. In order to utilize all these applications and programs, Mr. Robot uses different laptops at different incidences and others used personal computers as revealed in the series. For instance, in Season 2 episode 10, Mr. Robot uses an MSI GT72 2PE Dominator Pro, which is a machine that provides high-quality services with the delivery of speedy and lag-free performance alongside the production of a sweet sound. Besides, it offers the user with an accurate and a glare-free display of content, relatively great overall and graphics performance accompanied with an excellent audio and an efficient keyboard that is customizable.

The laptop he uses in his work was provided by Allsafe and branded by E-Corp brand and appears to a Lenovo as it can be told by the fan grills as well as the matte material used on the back and a small logo footprint which would have been easier to cover over with a nice sticker.  Besides, it appears to be running KDE, which can be told by the cursor as well as the scroll bars in the presentation about the E-Corp breach withy T. Colby, whereby is seen to be running a version of Linux with Kali on it, a relative pen testing suite. The Lenovo laptop constitutes some of the best laptops in the globe but also with a few clunkers that hold the brand back to some extent. The company’s ThinkPad remains to be amongst the best business laptops in the contemporary industries as many conventional budget systems have reviewed it.

Mr. Robot in action on a laptop in the TV series.

The Lenovo laptop specification is quite favorable for the Kali Linux, which needs at least 10GB space to be installed, and most of the brand machines can provide for the particular specifications. For hacking programs to work out better, the computer should be fast enough to execute the different command and to deal with large amounts of data for the hacker to achieve the anticipated goal. Based on the provisions in the paper, it is shown that Mr. Robot used a Lenovo laptop in carrying out the hacking functions in the multinational corporation.

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