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Who am I and how did I test this product?

I’ve been a personal trainer and fitness model for more than 12 years. I have owned a maxi climber for almost six months and have been using it almost every day on my own and with my clients.

Is the maxi climber company a scam?

Their website has been online since 2012.

What do the positive and negative reviews say?

This product has 1000+ positive reviews and about 200+ negative reviews on Amazon. This product has been on the market since 2012.

Pros of the Maxi Climber

The maxi climber has got a lot of followers online. They have 20,000+ followers on Facebook, 500+ followers on Twitter, 3000+ on Instagram and 100+ followers on Pinterest.
Great support Their website has a phone number that one can call for support as well as an email address that one can send queries to.
Easy to assemble and put together The benefit of the maxi climber machine is that it comes already 90 percent assembled. The steps that you will have to take in order to finish your fitness equipment safely are short and quick and the instructions guide will help with that.
Provides a total body workout It targets the same muscles used in rock climbing which ensures you tone your arms, calves, legs, upper back, shoulders, buttocks and core.
Budget friendly in comparison to other machines Machines of this category cost more than 1000 dollars yet this one is much cheaper.
Foldable It’s very easy to store it since the machine can be folded to fix in a closet or even under the bed.
Comfortable isometric handgrips These grips are non-stick and have a comfortable feel.
Adjustable heights It has five different settings for adjusting height. The machine can extend to about 8-9 feet and a short height of about 4 ft.
Timer It calculates the number of steps and the calories burnt.
Cold rolled steel It is made from cold rolled steel that is very durable.

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Cons of the Maxi Climber

Location of the timer It is difficult to view stats on it during workouts due to its position.
Needs high ceilings The taller you are, the higher the ceiling that you use will have to be. This means that if you are really tall and have low ceilings you would have to consider using the machine elsewhere.
No resistance setting The machine uses one’s body weight to get it working so you can’t really set the resistance automatically.
Foot pedals They are hard and so one would not be comfortable without shoes.

Other publications that recommend the Maxi Climber

Given the growing popularity in home workout machines, climbers have fast made their mark on the market. The maxi climber has been given positive reviews for giving full body workouts. An example is this website’s article that ranks maxi climber as the best climber in the market stating that ‘‘It’s a low cost vertical climber exercise machine designed to offer a fast and effective workout for a fraction of the price of Stairmaster and comparable fitness brands.’’ The same maxi climber has been ranked as the best and cheapest vertical climber in this website The reason is that it gives a full body workout and costs less than most brands.

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