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Logitech G102 Optical Gaming Mouse

Logitech G102

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The Logitech G102 follows the classic G1 style. This mouse is an improvement as compared to its predecessors, in terms of performance capabilities, DPI enhancement from 2500 to 6000 and also with a lot of improved internal work.

The Logitech G102 has the same classy G1 style with a symmetrical design.  It is however, not fully symmetrical as the left side of the mouse has buttons.  The mouse looks mellow with a relatively low look. From its size, one can clearly see that is designed to be used mostly for small to medium sized hand users.

The mouse comes in either white or black colors. The material and feel of either of the two colors is similar. The rear surfaces f the right and left keys consist of delicate matte texture which has a smooth feel to the hands.

On the left side of the mouse, are two buttons with the sides of the mouse having a glossy material. They have a light feel with a fairly clear sound with a free key process.  Both the left and right sides of the mouse have a rough mate texture with a non-slip rubber. The sides have less skid resistance but can be more durable.

The bottom of the mouse is made using the same material as the sides. This means that the feel at the bottom and that of the sides is similar. From the bottom, one can view the optical head which is centrally located. Also, one can see the five anti slip rubber which ensures that using the mouse is a smooth affair. The basic LOGO on the mouse is lower and triangular sticker design as compared to previous models which had the LOGO printed on the end of the shell.

The light settings are designed such that a player can change the color of the lighting and the other simple lighting effects. There are three modes; colored rings where light color transforms freely, the off mode in which a single color is shown as a backlight lit; and the respiratory effect whereby only one color can be adjusted.

The LOGO light and the light at the side are not set separately. As a result, they have the same color for the backlight. The mouse allows for lighting frequency and brightness frequencies changes.

The Logitech G102 mouse has a 6000 DPI sensor hence it can support up to 5 DPI settings. This provides the user with more options that suit their style and comfort.  The right and left click buttons are comfortable and tactile to use while the side buttons are well spaced and very responsive. The buttons are customized with the option of player profile customization which enables one to have different profiles for every game and maps. This profile is automatically activated whenever one launches that particular game.

The on-board sensor of the mouse has a default setting of both RGB and DPI settings. A small LED strip on the lower half of the mouse has 16.8 million colors which are customizable when using the Logitech gaming software.

Other features of this mouse include a tension button system which minimizes the force that is required to click hence gives consistency and accuracy when clicking, a USB data of 16 bits, a maximum acceleration of 25 G and a maximum speed of more than 200 ips. The muse has six programmable buttons and its USB connectivity is with a 2m long cable at 1000HZ polling rate.

The Logitech G 102 is created to improve the accuracy of gaming while at the same time having a great tracking speed, better consistency which will allow you to control your game. It upgrades gaming up to 8x faster due to its 1000HZ hence quicker than the standard mouse.

The pros of this mouse are: a symmetrical shape which is suitable for people with small and medium sized hands, a 16.8 million RGB color backlight, a 6000+ DPI value which ensures that players meet their daily gaming demands and a new CGS sensor which improving gaming performances.

The cons of this mouse include weak non slip properties on the sides of the mouse and the side buttons and right mouse buttons have an empty key away.

The Logitech G 102 is designed to resemble the G pro although it way lighter than the G pro. It weighs 84 g and measure 35 mm in height, 67 mm in width and 115 mm in length. It has a total of six buttons.


Question: What is the material of the body?

Answer: It is made out of high quality plastic while the scroll wheel is made out of rubber.

Question: Does it have the double click buttons?

Answer: No, the clicks are individualistic.