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Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom (born July 2nd, 1994) is a very successful Belgian Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player and former Counter-Strike: Source player of Moroccan descent.

He began to play Counter-Strike just for fun and never thought he would reach such a high level.

After paying attention to some tournaments going on at the time, he began to strive to play in big teams.

With a couple of lucky invites, and after being accused of hacking several times, he found his way onto several teams like VeryGames, Titan and Epsilon eSports.

Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom first lit up the French Counter-Strike: Source scene in 2010 as a 16-year-old when his eLogic team did well in EPS France.

The Belgian would already in 2011 become part of a 3DMAX squad together with Richard “shox” Papillon that would manage to dethrone VeryGames at MaxLan.


Their paths would go separate ways when “shox” joined the big VeryGames in May 2011,but they would get back together in 2012 in Tt Dragons.

After CS:GO came out, they teamed up with experienced in-game leader Steeve “Ozstrik3r” Flavigni and would embark on adventures in the new game in August.

First named Epsilon, then Millenium, they would finally find a stable home in Imaginary Gaming, but ScreaM himself though made his international CS:GO debut as a stand-in for BuyKey at AMD Sapphire Prague,where he put up incredible numbers (0.97 kills per round) and awed the audience on numerous occasions.

The Scream One created to be a comfortable safe ambidex shape with a great implementation of the 3360 trying to compete with the king Logitech itself, low click latency, and a lightweight shell to make it the ultimate e-sports machine.

Well it delivers… sort of.. lets continue!


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So the shape of the Scream One is actually quite decent. It’s what I would consider with 19.8cm hands a mediumish mouse.

It reminds me most closely of an FK1 from zowie except a little bigger in majority areas. I find this mouse quite easy to use with palm grip and not good with claw grip.

The reason I find claw bad is because the rear of the shell slants downwards so if you try to arch your fingers you’ll feel like your hand is kind of slipping off the rear-end of the mouse.

The right side of the mouse is great and not so great at the same time, basically it feels absolutely perfect for my index finger which is rare.

I can extend my index finger the full length and feel like I have a solid grip.. however my pinky can feel left hanging as the back right side is very flat – so basically my pinky needs to bend a lot to grip the side – this is the only finger however which doesn’t feel like it has a perfect seat.

Compare to a Zowie EC the back right will slant out a little so your pinky can easily reach it.

Overall the shape is a solid 4.5/5 – if they can somehow make it so my pinky bends less without ruining the overall shape in a future model it’d be a 5/5.


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Not much to write about, feels like a solid performing 3360. I cannot say with any certainty that it is better or worse than another 3360.

I can say aiming feels very easy with this mouse but I’m going to relate that to shape and sensor position rather than the sensor being better or worse than another.

I do feel logitechs 3366 feels a little different but honestly when it comes down to the actual hardcore e-sports 370 noscopes there is no difference that would be perceived by end-user.
So like pretty much any 3360 a 5/5

Leaving the graphs/charts to other reviewers who commonly use them.

Mouse Skates are 2×2, glides very smoothly, break-in not really required. They also look decently thick so I assume they’ll last a good long while on a cloth pad.

I don’t believe there’s any place to get replacements (unless you e-mail support) but not sure if they supply them. So hard pad users beware!

A lightweight braid that kinks out of box. Depending on how ‘lucky’ you are you may be able to get it to kink mostly in the air – regardless a rubber cable would be better as any contact with braid on a cloth pad creates this kind of friction which isn’t very nice.

I’d rather have a rubber cable slamming back and fourth but not affecting glide than a braid.

You may also get unlucky and get a cable kinked in such a way that it only drags on the pad or drags on a side you don’t prefer (some people prefer cable weight on right or left side, I prefer mine on the left side).

However I have used decent braided cables – so this isn’t the worst of the bunch.


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Side buttons – Good. Easy to press and no complaints. They feel nice and aren’t awkward.

M1/M2 – Varies per model, I used three and they felt different on all 3.

However no big deal – they aren’t on par with logitech in terms of ‘click feeling’ the buttons are also separate.

Scroll wheel – I don’t like it, I like the g pro scroll wheel. This one feels ‘meh’ also there’s a bug with it which I’ll get into later – hopefully that’s technical side and not physical

Dpi button – It works? Not really important as most use it once and never again. I like it being under the mouse but that’s me.

Just wish the M1/M2 were more hair-trigger feeling like the tournament pro or really satisfying like the g303. But it works.

Not too grippy not too slippery. Works well with palm and I never had an issue with my hands being dry or sweaty and the grip being affected negatively.

Unlike some mice where if your hands are dry or not warm it feels like you’re playing with an ice cube in your hand.