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Tyler “Skadoodle” Latham, the main AWPer for Cloud9’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team, has been playing since the game’s launch.Tyler first started competing on the PC when he played Alliance of Valiant Arms with DefkoN and won ieSF 2010.

Tyler got his start in CS:GO with Hold Mouse One during Season 12 of ESEA.

This team would eventually be picked up by Curse, and then later became iBUYPOWER. Since then, Skadoodle has won two ESEA titles as well as one CEVO title.

Next, Skadoodle hopes to bring North America its first major international championship   



          LOGITECH G PRO


This mouse is an intuitive success. As soon as I put my hand on the mouse, I knew where I was going.

The the shape of the G Pro is familiar but not boring. Although the shape is simple, it uses it as a strength.

While other gaming mice are a mess of angles and unnecessary corners, the G Pro mouse is very utilitarian. This mouse is carved for precision.

The surface texture is also a high point for this mouse. The smooth plastic on the top and textured plastic on the bottom makes me feel in control at any time.

Roughly any grip style would work with this mouse. The buttons have a slight slope to them and a small indent for your fingers to rest.

This really proves to be comfortable for me. The slightly arched body feels great beneath my hand.


The Logitech G Pro


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Going back to the shape, this mouse is ambidextrous! This is sadly forgotten by most every other Logitech mouse to date.

And while I am singing their praises here, it isn’t exactly what I hoped when I heard of this feature.

Although the mouse is symmetric, the right handed thumb buttons don’t lend themselves to left handed players at all.

Unfortunately, this is where the mouse lost some points. This is just sad. Given the symmetrical shape, Logitech could have easily implemented buttons on both sides or even a left handed version.

Regardless, this is a serious step forward in gaming mice. I’m tired of not seeing any left handed mice. Hopefully the G Pro will start a trend.



When it comes to professional wired mice, some people dislike braided cables. Well, this mouse has one.

While they are sturdier, virtually insusceptible to kinks, and just look better, they are heavy and cause drag on the mouse. Luckily, the G Pro does everything in its power to trick you into thinking it doesn’t have one.

For one, this cable is very very smooth for a braided one. The snags that you can experience with some surfaces are next to nonexistent with this mouse.

But if it really bothers you that much, you can replace the cable. I haven’t tried, but I have seen others doing such. (Warning: replacing the cable is not the easiest thing in the world.)

And of course I have to talk about the most important part of any self-respecting mouse made after 2015: the RGB lighting. RGB lighting usually comes in one of three packages. Tasteful, fun, or “oh please, make it stop”.

Luckily, the G Pro falls into the first category.

The G logo on the back and a thin line running along the edge of the back rock 16.8 million customizable colors. The Logitech gaming software allows you to change the color, brightness, and a myriad of other things about the lights.

You can set it to static colors or breathe effects or make your own patterns. The only bummer is that there is only one lit area so you can’t have two colors going at the same time. This is not really an issue though.


The G Pro provides for flawless clicks


Sometimes in this industry, sporting flashy titles like “advanced button tensioning” is just a company blowing hot air. But honestly, these buttons are really something.

Flawless… maybe not, but as close as you could probably imagine. Let’s start with the left and right buttons.

They are fantastically built. They are faster than most any mouse I have ever used. The crisp click that you feel every time you click is super addicting.

They’re also, incredibly predictable. You don’t have to change anything about your grip or anything else to really master them.

One thing that some people haven’t liked though is that the buttons are a bit too light. This leads to accidental clicks all over the place for people with bigger/heavier hands.

Though for my G Pro review, I have fairly average sized hands though and I had no problem with this myself.

Moving to the scroll wheel, the middle mouse button is a bit stiff. It’s not the worst thing but it could delay you just enough to where it would be annoying.

It has a satisfying click but it’s just too hard to push in for some people. It hasn’t bothered me but I can see why it would annoy some people.

All I use my middle mouse button for is throwing grenades and opening links in new tabs in Chrome. But for someone who uses it for a melee attack, they might want something a bit faster.

On the bright side you’ll get used to it really quickly. All mice are different. It doesn’t matter what mouse you buy.

New features and small differences will always throw you off. You’re a human being, you can adapt.


Shifting our focus from the top of the mouse, we come to the side buttons. Logitech really wanted to squeeze as much quality into the G Pro mouse as they possibly could, because they really didn’t cut many corners.

Like the left and right buttons, the side buttons click just like they’re supposed to. They click fast and have minimal travel distance.

Each one just feel professional. The buttons can emit a small squeak every once in a while but nothing constant.

While the mouse’s body and style remind me of the G100s, the insides remind me of the G303. No compromises.

The beating heart of this mouse is the optical sensor underneath it the PMW3366. The PMW3366 is accepted as the best sensor on the market right now.

The G900, the G502, the G303, and the G403 Prodigy which I’ve also reviewed all have this sensor.

There is no jitter, and is about as accurate as you can get.The cursor on screen moves exactly the way you’d expect it to.

The lift off distance for the mouse is about 1.5 mm. When gaming, it’s fast and responsive like no other mouse I’ve used.

No matter how hard I fling it around the mouse pad, I can’t get it to spin out or lose control at all. No tilt slam test could make this sensor stumble.


“Fun” LED lighting


Some other features include angle snapping and DPI changes. Angle snapping is turned off by default in the software but can be used if your heart so desires.

The top button behind the scroll wheel is the default button to change the DPI level. This is very useful for snipers when scoping in for a little boost in accuracy.

One downside is the lack of indication when you change and what you change it to. This is a small complaint though.

The G Pro also comes with memory built in. You have the option to save profiles to the mouse so you can take them to different computers.

The computer that you use the mouse on doesn’t even need to have the Logitech gaming software on it which is nice.

This makes it even more impressive that it will retain custom macros and settings. It will even work on Macs!

Bear in mind, there might be a few issues with mapping macros to the Alt and Command buttons because of differences between Windows and Mac.