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Summit 1g is an American who is popular for his role as Rifler in the Mythic team. He plays the global offensive game. He has played for the Exertus eSport, Area51 Gaming and adaptation. He uses the Zowie FK1 mouse and the Final mouse tournament pro during his play hours. His mouse setting for the Zowie FK1 is an effective DPI of 600, cm/360 of 69.3, in/360 of 27.3 and a polling rate of 500 HZ. He uses an ASUS VG248QE monitor with an in game resolution of 1024 by 768 with the scaling being of black bars.

Zowie FK1 Mouse

Zowie Gear FK1 Gaming mouse

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The Zowie FK series mouse is designed to offer one great comfort. It has a low profile which allows one to have excellent control whether they are palm or grip users.  In addition to this, the Zowie FK1 mouse is designed to be used by both left and right handed people.

The Zowie FK1 is equipped with the Avago 3310 optical sensor.  The mouse is well developed so as to uphold its standards in the competitive market. The mouse has a low lift off distance which makes it a very excellent mouse to game with. The developers designed it with a 1.5 to 1.8 mm lift off distance to make it desirable to fast and frequent gamers.

The features of the Zowie FK1 mouse include that it is an ambidextrous mouse which is well developed for claw grip during its usage. It has a two thumb button on both its sides hence can be used comfortably by both right handed and left handed people.

The mouse is of the plug and play type hence it does not require to install drivers before its usage.  It is also easy to adjust between the right and left hand functionality with this mouse.

It has a DPI adjustment of 400/800/1600/3200 depending on the color of choice. Its USB report rate is of 125/500/1000 HZ which is also adjustable.

The Zowie FK1 mouse is compatible with windows 7 or 8, XP, Vista, Mac OS X v10.2 and Win2000.

The mouse measures 5.0 by 2.6 by 1.5 inches and weighs 3.2 ounces. The Zowie FK1 is a five button mouse.

The design of the mouse, which makes it to have a wider base, makes great contact points with one’s lower palm while the wider middle gives it a firmer grip with the pinky.

In terms of sensor type and performance, the features resemble the native steps of every 50 CPI with LOD customization. The control speed is above 5m/s foe each CPI step and at 500 and 1000 HZ. The implementation of the sensor is quite clean as compared to the previous Zowie FK models with A3090.

Like most Zowie model, the FK1 mouse has Huano switches. This makes the clicks a little hard to press. The main buttons are blue Huano while the other buttons are red Huano. The scroll wheel of the mouse is a 24 notch scroll if you are using the first model. The older Zowie FK1 model has a 16 notch scroll. Its haptics are light and fine.

In terms of the build quality, the cord of the mouse is made out of rubber. This makes it to be more flexible and it is also thinner as compared to other cables. Its coating is similar to that of other FK models although its feel is grainier.

The mouse is perfectly designed for people with medium to larger hands. Overall, the mouse is accurate, comfortable and fast to play with since it is very light. It is great for anyone who is into competitive FPS games.

The pros of using this mouse include a minimum lift-off distance, it is light weight, it has nice buttons and it does not require software installation to be used. Also, it can be used by both right and left handed people.

The cons include it is not suitable for small hands and its side buttons are hard hence require energy to press.

FinalMouse Tournament Pro

FinalMouse Tournament Pro

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This one of the best mouse in the market that is designed for FPS gaming such as CS: GO and E sport. It has a Pixart 3310 IR led sensor, three buttons, an ergonomic shape, a quick DPI selection and LED color lighting.

The final mouse tournament pro has a nice fill tot the hands. When held well, it fits perfectly without any rough edges. It design in terms of shape is more of ambidextrous and is suited for right handed people. This is because of the two buttons it has to its left.

The shell is constructed using two types of plastics. The top has a rubberized feel while the bottom feels more generic. The ergonomics of the mouse are amazing and they help a lot with comfort even after long hours of play.

The scroll wheel is designed with a rubberized band around it which gives a great tactile feedback and a non-slippery texture. The button of the scroll wheel is great and one can use both claw and palm grip on this mouse.

The two side buttons are flat and easily reachable and comfortable t the hand. The DPI button is very standard and it is located below the scroll wheel. It swaps between 400 to 3200 DPI and does not require any software.

The features of the mouse include; an ESport sensor, it is compatible with any operating system, it is very light weight and it is of professional and tournament grade. The specifications of the final mouse tournament pro are; a switch life of 5 million clicks, flawless Pixart 3310 IR led eSport sensor, a click with a response time of 30 milliseconds, a 1.1 full speed USB with a polling rate of 500 HZ. The latest model is equipped with technology which makes it to have no acceleration and zero smoothing.

The final mouse tournament pro has a measurement of 8.6 by 6.4 by 2.5 inches and weighs 76 grams.

The pros of the mouse include a weight of 76 g which makes it the lightest mouse in the market hence can be used for extensive hours of game play, it is very accurate, has a simple design which features adequate secondary buttons, is a plug and play mouse which does not require the installation of any drivers and it can be used by medium to large sized hands whilst holding it in the claw grip.

The cons include: It is not suitable for small hands and cannot be used by left handed people.

This mouse is great for players who need excellent performance instead of fancy customizable options. This mouse is well balanced and crafted and with the right expertise, one will win which ever game they play using it.