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Who Am I and How Did I Test This Product?

I have been an enthusiast photographer for over a year. I have owned this camera for three months. I use it to capture photos of my family at home and when on vacation. Additionally, I love bird watching and this camera enables me to capture a variety of bird species.

Is Nikon a Scam?

Nikon is a multinational Japanese corporation. Its headquarters is in Tokyo. Nikon has been in business for 100 years. Nikon’s website was created in 1993. The corporation’s worth was 18.4 billion Japanese Yen in 2015. Nikon is known for making imaging product, precision equipments, and instruments. Nikon products are usually quality and easy to use.

What Do the Positive and Negative Reviews say?

This product has over 600 hundred positive reviews and 100+ negative reviews on Amazon. The Nikon Coolpix L340 has been available since 2015.

Who Else Recommends This Product?

Nikon Coolpix L340 is recommended on the site Indian technology news as being ideal for casual photography.

Pros of Nikon Coolpix L340

Nikon has a large global social media following. There are 50,000+ followers on Twitter, 1 million+ followers on Facebook, 200,000+ on Instagram, 100,000+ subscribers on YouTube, and 100,000+ followers on Pinterest
The main website has a number, physical and email address for various regions for support. Customers are provided with the telephone numbers and physical and email addresses for the country they come from. Inquiries can be made between 9am to 8pm EST.
The main website has worldwide warranty and repair information. It also has an inquiry form. Warranty and repair information for different regions is provided for in the website. The product has a 2-year limited warranty.
Separate website for tutorials. Customer can access digitutor and learn how to use any digital camera.
20.2MP resolution The 20.2MP CCD sensor captures high quality photos both indoors and outdoors. It also takes quality pictures in low light. This lens focuses as close as 1cm from a subject.
28x optical zoom and 56x dynamic zoom This is the selling feature of this camera. This extensive zoom ensures that you can take photos outdoors conveniently. The lens takes you closer to the action. The lens achieves a maximum wide angle focal length of 22.5mm.
HD 720p video recording The 720p video recording results in clear and sharp videos. This is great for casual video recording.
Creative design This camera has a compact design and is lightweight enabling you to carry it wherever you go. It also features a rubber grip which makes it easy to hold.
Battery life This camera uses 4 AA batteries which will last through 370 shots.
Affordable This is a budget camera which has cool features that beginners will enjoy using.
Supports SD memory cards With this camera you can use a 32GB memory card that provides a larger capacity for storing photos and videos.
Flash This camera has a pop-up flash which can be used in Auto, Auto with red-eye reduction, fill flash, and Slow Sync settings
Viewfinder The camera has a fixed LCD monitor. It has a 99% frame coverage.
3-inch LCD display This ensure that you can easily compose shots, monitoring video recording, reviewing shots, and sharing them
Other features This camera features sixteen scene modes such a s beach and snow that help you enjoy effortless shots.  It also has an automatic mode and a smart portrait mode that warns you when someone blinks hence ensuring that you do not capture an imperfect photo.

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Cons of Nikon Coolpix L340

Chromatic aberrations At 28x optical zoom is not a 100% effective since it produces moderate chromatic aberrations whig.le shooti
Noise Beyond the 400 ISO, images look sharper but they are characterized by noticeable noise.
720p HD video recording Although 720p produces decent videos, it is not ideal for serious video shooting where quality is important.
Slow speed While using the flash, the camera captures photos at a slow speed.
Few controls This camera features fewer controls than those found on DSLRs. The basic controls include a menu button, navigation buttons, playback button, a scene button, and a flash button.
Nikon warranty does not cover grey market items The Nikon warranties will not repair or replace grey market items. Therefore, it is important to buy from an authorized seller.
Batteries are an extra expense Although available at cheap prices, the AA batteries are an added expense.

Is This the Best Selling Digital Point and Shoot Budget Camera?

The Nikon Coolpix L340 camera ranks first on Amazon as the best selling digital point and shoot camera. This is because it has two great features for a camera of its price range. These features are the 28x optical zoom and 56x dynamic zoom.

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