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DanTDM is known for popular membership of the Minecraft YouTube Community, and he has a massive following on Twitter owing to the video gaming types that he produces. He uses different video gaming development devices to come up with his video games, and that includes the use of a range of personal computers. The devices allow him to customize his character throughout different episodes of his game, Minecraft to incorporate changing physical appearances such as his hair and other appearances. He is currently uploading more than just Minecraft in his channel, and his following is fast growing due to the level of creativity that he continues to depict in his trending developments.

Personal Computer (PC) used by DanTDM

DanTDM is known to use different PC’s in developing the video games in Minecraft, with Windows being the default program in most of his PCS for making games. Windows is preferred for gaming by DanTDM because of the ios and other platforms that tend to be on the second row, getting games only when they are popular. Windows is thus preferred because of the capability to facilitate a cheaper custom build which makes the video game development efficient and effective regarding the resources invested and the associated returns.

DanTDM with his new custom made PC

DanTDM uses a Diamond Minecraft Custom PC whose physical appearance reveals a personal logo with TDM marked in a white graphic on a clear blue background of the Personal Computer. The Diamond Minecraft Custom Personal Computer is designed according to the features preferred by DanTDM regarding the ease that he expects in using the PC when developing his games and the associated simplicity that it provides. Other functional features that drove his or made him prefer the PC is the speed that the deice offers while being used to develop the video games that are increasingly requiring more creativity to suit the changing needs of the market.

The specifications of the Pc include an Intel processor of specification i 7, with a speed of between 4790 k and 4.4 GHz which enables the PC to execute numerous billions of cycles per second. The PC has a random access memory of around 16GB RAM which is above the size of RAM used by the majority of games which require about 6GB to around 8GB on the PC, meaning the customized PC guarantees better performance. Having a lower amount of RAM such as 4GB in the PC is likely to lead to a case where some games that one would want to play on the PC would not run and as such having 16 GB is an indication of high and efficient performance.

The PC has an advanced Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), GeForce GTX 980 and with 4 GB that plays the role of boosting the performance of the video games on the grounds of the graphics that they are developed. The GeForce GTX 980 4 GB has the capability of supporting applications of very high-intensity graphics, and assists in reducing the work of the Central Processing Unit thus facilitating a faster production of video games.

DanTDM at his unveiling

The Diamond Minecraft Custom PC used by DanTDM makes use of STRIX Graphics which offer a highly keen hearing as well as sharp eyesight that influences the creation of graphics that makes users feel their environment. The feeling of the environment allows the users of the games to detect and react to the slightest movements that occur in the video games thus contributing to the overall effects of the game on the satisfaction of the consumers.

The PC contain four storage devices in the form of hard disk drives, four hard drives, and two solid state drive that aid in improving the storage capacity of the PC, making it able to contain very large files. The Diamond Minecraft Custom PC supports a full definition dual independent screens that would increase the usability of the PC for better video games development, and this explains why it is favored by DanTDM in the development of various types of video games for his cannel.

The success of DanTDM about the video gaming venture has widely been attributed to the kind of devices that he chooses to use for the development of his games including peripheral devices. The latest choice to use the Diamond Minecraft Custom PC has increased the quality of the gaming designs and the graphics associated with the games are clearer and better compared to those developed earlier or about those developed by other video gaming developers.

The custom made PC owned by DanTDM

DanTDM’s gaming set up that accompanies the functional PC includes such gadgets as monitors, mouse, keyboard and other peripheral devices that he considers as important and critical to his personal preference. For the choice of the monitor, he has two ASUS 27” 1440p monitors placed on his desk preferred for their affordability, compared to other specifications and the high quality they still have or possess. One would argue that he should have opted for a 4K monitor, but that would not be much of an issue since the 1440p is just equally sharp and thus useful. The monitor and the CP are accompanied by his preferred keyboard, Cyborg Mad Catz V.5 as well as the gaming mouse of similar brand or product, an R.A.T mouse. The combination is considered to be a very good choice that would be able to serve him for an approximately long time due their perceived high quality and durability.

The sound set up of DanTDM is a combination of or is defined by the microphone that he uses as well as the USB interface, whereby the microphone is fitted with a pop filter as well as a USB interface that is necessary for the XLR microphone. He makes use of an Audio-Technica AT2020 that is technically a very efficient and high-quality XLR microphone at the price in which it is offered. Dan uses a pop filter in combination with these devices to do away with possible hissing sounds that are likely to cause interference to the quality of the sound produced by the microphones. The connection between this combination and his PC is enabled through the use of the AT2020 that plugs into the USB interface and thus sends signals to the PC.