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Elliot Watkins, known as Muselk by his many fans online is a gamer from Australia who plays games such as Team Fortress 2, Overwatch, Star Wars Battlefront, Rainbow Six Siege and many other games.

His name has been quite the laughter-inducer as many people have been mispronouncing it (should be pronounced as Moose-Tits) but he has called many things including Mucle-k and Moose-lick. Those mispronunciations have now been part of his videos for a while now and they do give you quite the laughs when watching the videos.

Apart from his recurring humor in his videos, many people would always like to know what equipment he uses, more so what PC he uses when gaming.

He has been seen using the HP Omen X Gaming Desktop PC. When you first see this PC, it is aesthetically pleasing, one of the coolest cases out there with features that are quite impressive.

HP Omen X Gaming Desktop PC

Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, it will not disappoint you when it comes to the hardware it has available.

Let us have an in depth look at what Muselk finds fascinating about this PC.

The Omen X Desktop is one of the very first gaming desktops from HP who would like to be taken serious when it comes to their PC gaming equipment.

Other than going small like other desktop producers, HP has decided to go big allowing gamers to do well when using the systems in this desktop.

Omen Design

It comes in a cube shape, a design that a lot of PCs have already come in but what sets it apart from the other cases is the fact that it comes standing on a one of its edges giving it a diamond-like shape.

The edge or corner that it stands on is one inch thick and has two wide sheets of metal that act as steady supports to have it stand up, just like legs which keep it steady on the floor or any surface you put it on.

Its steel frame, which is galvanized, weighs in at 40.12 pounds, a weight you would not like to roll over or fall on you when gaming (considering many gamers move around a lot). If it is fully loaded, the Omen can even go to over 60 pounds in weight.

It is quite big as it measures in at 19.85×15.98×20.28 inches. You will have to have quite the space in your gaming room or desktop for this machine. It will look awkward and basically out of place in small spaces, especially in small apartments. So if you are eyeing this PC, better have the space to put it on.

HP Omen X Gaming Desktop PC

Omen Aesthetics

This desktop does not have too much going on the designers of the PC opted to go for a more minimalistic approach to how the PC looked like. The exterior is covered in powder coat that is all black. The ports and the system lights have a tint that has a shade of Pantone 185 red making it stand out.

All black and seemingly with no color to it, the Omen has been fitted with eight RGB lighting zones that are split-up on the face of the Omen which comes with the option of static lighting and color shifting which can be a lot of fun to mess around with.

To have the most out of it, the system monitor mode bonds each lighting quadrant to a CPU, GPU or any other computer component. Depending on how hard you are working those components the lighting quadrant will deepen which can be an advantage to you as you will have to slow down so that you do not overwork your PC.

The Omen’s Control center will give you an array of colors to choose from although it only features a color wheel which will give you the color that you do not really want (considering how differently people see color).

There are other decorations on the framework of the Omen PC found on the removal panel and the hard drive bay. One more decal is found on the left side of the Omen case which is embossed on. It is a VoodooPC tribal mask and in silver lettering, the word Omen is inlaid on it.

HP Omen X Gaming Desktop PC

Omen Upgrades

The design of the Omen PC was mainly so to help with the cooling process, especially when gaming. Laying it up on the edge gives more area for the PC to pull in a lot of cool air and exhaust heat out through all sides.

HP Omen X Gaming Desktop PC

The interior of the Omen is divided into three chambers with the main chamber for the core components, another one is for the power supply and the final chamber is for the storage space which has four hot-swap bays, a rare feature in modern PCs these days and also the main reason why the Omen PC is so big.

The Omen PC comes with a Micro ATX motherboard. This motherboard makes it difficult for one to have a triple graphics card in it. This disadvantage shadows the fact that the design of this PC comes with topnotch upgradability and allows for a second graphic card, a 360mm cooler and easy access to storage. Well, a third graphics card sounds way cooler than just two, just saying.

When setting up the upgrade, you can easily access the inside of the case by unhooking a set of fasteners and using an Alan key. Also, the storage bays can be easily removed using the fabric loops that are holding them in place in the drive cage.

Below are the specs for the Omen X Desktop:

  • Has a CPU of 4GHz Intel Core i7-6700K
  • RAM of 16GB DDR4
  • The storage space goes to 256GB PCle NVme M.2 SSD, 2TB HDD
  • Graphics re Nvidia GTX 1080 Founders Edition, Intel HD Graphics 530
  • Optical drive is Ultra Slim-tray SuperMulti DVD burner
  • The Ports are 8xUSB 3.0, 2xUSB-C 3.1 and Ethernet
  • SD card reader
  • 2xHDMI and 2xDisplayport
  • Microphone jack
  • Headphone jack
  • Optical audio out
  • Wi-Fi 802.11ac connectivity (2×2) and a Bluetooth 4.0
  • It weighs in at over 60 pounds
  • Its size is 16.54wx6.5dx15.79h inches

HP Omen X Gaming Desktop PC

Omen Price

As expected from such a big desktop and with such features, it is going to dig quite a deep hole in your pockets. You can also get the case only for those who are into build-it-yourself but it is also expensive just for the case. So, when one gets it, they really have to like it and want it.

What makes it that expensive is its quality of its build and how easily accessible it is for you.

HP Omen X Gaming Desktop PC

Omen Performance

The Omen desktop performs as you would expect, so smooth it is like a dream. Thanks to the two high-performance parts that are found inside it.

It performs at over 60 frames per second (fps) with its 1080p.

Omen Final Say

The Omen is huge, both in size and in price. As much as it is aesthetically pleasing, many gamers would opt for other cheap PC desktops that are close to if not equally strong like the Omen. If you can dig deep into your pockets to get it, well and good, but for the average gamer, it is just too expensive.

When you buy it though, you get all your money’s worth. The design is impeccable, its build is of high-grade standard, has great attention to detail and it is the most accessible PC especially for the build-it-yourselfers.

If making a statement is your thing, then this desktop PC is for you.

HP Omen X Gaming Desktop PC

Omen Pros and Cons


  • It is an exceptional PC and has minimalistic style to it
  • Very easy to access it, especially for those who do not know much about computers
  • Its upgradability is huge


  • It is very big, especially for those who are struggling with space
  • It is quite expensive, did I say quite? I meant it is really expensive.

HP Omen X Gaming Desktop PC

Omen User Comments

I had to find out what other users had to say when they first got their Omen desktop. Below are some of my favorite comments:

“Unlike nearly every other comment here, I actually purchased this item and while I rarely take the time to leave reviews, this one is worth the time. At it’s original price, it was simply not compelling vs. other alternatives as it’s major defining characteristic – chassis design – did not warrant the much greater expense. However, when Amazon knocked 40%+ off the price after Christmas, it became a LOT more interesting.

First thing to note: this case is HUGE and HEAVY. Works great under my desk, but moving it into place after some upgrades was not something I would want to do regularly. Even the box is significantly larger than anything else I’ve ever encountered. After the unboxing (very well designed by HP), within 60 seconds I had the cover off and was upgrading the memory (to 32GB via Crucial kit) and swapping out the Samsung 256GB NVMe drive for the new 1TB 960 EVO. An easy install of Windows 10 Pro later, the machine is working very well. Only thing I am still looking to change and wish HP had done: slot loading Blu Ray. The placement of the optical drive tray is not convenient for easy access/usage.

Overall, it is very quiet and once I changed the default color scheme away from Red, very easy on the eyes from a lighting perspective. I’ve always built my own systems until recently when the time vs. expense equation dynamics changed and I really just wanted something ready to go that I could still “tune up”. This will certainly meet my needs until the AMD Ryzen systems become available in a few months.” By T Follette

“I purchase the omen x about a few weeks ago now. The most amazing PC I have ever purchased. The matching keyboard is amazing as well. its unique cube, will blow you away straight out the box. Although It’s heavy as hell, the performance is spectacular. I probably add in another 8gb of ram but for now my video editing is on point. No complaints. Purchase this product if you’re willing to pay the cost. So much room for later upgrades.

By the way, make sure your wall sockets are kicking out enough power to supply the cube. It took 3 hours to figure out one of the wall sockets weren’t strong enough to power the cube.” By Bobby Darby”