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The digestive system of a human being

It comes as no surprise that there are some microbiotas in our bodies that have different functions. There has been a lot of research done that has led to discovering a lot of things about these biomes and below are the different biomes found in our bodies and their functions:

  1. Postbiotics

Although still being developed on, by definition, postbiotics are the derivatives of the bacteria and microbiomes found in our stomach and basically our whole body. It was discovered that these derivatives can be used to bring down the blood glucose in someone’s body.

The bacteria metabolic derivatives found in our bodies and more so our stomachs have a lot of functions some of which are reducing inflammation and helping our immune system function well. These discoveries meant that serious headway was going to be made in the treatment of people who are prediabetic by giving them some postbiotics which would be so helpful for those who have certain gut dysbioses or have other disorders that can be treated by taking these metabolic byproducts.

In essence, ensuring that you have a healthy gut bacterial population is tantamount to you having a long-lasting healthy gut and less problems of that nature.

  1. Probiotics

A microbiota

These are the bacteria found in our digestive system (our stomach, intestines and other body organs) which number up to 1150 different bacteria species and yeast that either help our bodies function well or are just harmless bacteria found in our bodies.

These colonies can have a population of trillions of bacteria that boost healthy anti-pathogenic digestive functions. Probiotics have the following functions in our body:

  1. It has 24/7 communication with our immune receptors
  2. To protect our bodies from pathogenic bacteria, the probiotics in our body discharges antimicrobial proteins
  3. When we have things in our stomach that are a tad difficult to digest, probiotics will help us break them down
  4. Probiotics also help our stomach extract the necessary nutrients we need from the foods that we eat
  5. Probiotics restores and maintains our intestinal homeostasis

For many who have watched television commercials, they recognize that probiotics are a healthy thing to have in our body. It has become quite trendy in this modern world despite it being there for centuries. We find it in foods that are fermented such as yoghurt, vinegar (raw), kimchi, kefir and so many others.

If one cannot get the probiotics from their foods, there are supplements that are sold which can help you generate probiotics in your gut.

  1. Synbiotics

Apple Cider Vinegar

Just as the name suggests, synbiotics is the permutation of prebiotics and probiotics which in essence is beneficial to your backside.

To have a good digestive process which will help you extract all the unwanted components later, you will have to take good synbiotics. Some of the best foods are kefir, chia seeds, yogurt, raw honey, pickled asparagus and raw apple vinegar.

  1. Prebiotics

Green bananas good source of prebiotics

By definition, prebiotics are what the bacteria found in our stomach feed on. They are plant fibers are indigestible and are able to make their way through gastrointestinal tract and not be broken down by all the stomach acids hence making good fodder for the bacteria found in our guts.

Some of the foods that make good prebiotics are raw leeks, jicama, onions, raw garlic, raw asparagus and green bananas.

Researches Done and Their Implications

So the above are the simple definitions and functions of the microbes found in our bodies. For all these to be possible there was groundbreaking research done on them and there were many beneficial things found that have altered how some things are done now.

Just like a fingerprint, it has become quite apparent that the microbiomes found in our body are specific to an individual. Research has further discovered that if one loses a specific bacterium in their gut, it is not easy to replace it.

This is great news as it means that there can be treatments that can be made to individual specifications so that one can benefit fully.

Studies that have been done also stress how important microbiome is when we start our lives as babies, as it plays quite an important role in neonatal morbidity.

All in all, probiotics are the ultimate microbiome even for babies. Babies who are breastfed have the benefit of getting bacteria from the mother’s milk that is beneficial for developing a baby’s bacteria culture.

Breastfeeding a baby

When suffering from diseases like inflammatory bowel disease, one has the option of using post-biotics which have become a revolutionary way of treatment, even better than probiotic treatment.

For some people who suffer from inflammatory bowel disease, using probiotics causes their stomach to have an inflammatory effect which beats the purposes as it makes it worse. To counteract that effect, some researchers had the magical idea that using a strong post-biotic dosage on a person with inflammatory bowel disease was going to be of really great relief for them.

These studies have had such a great outcome especially for those that suffer digestive problems. It does not matter if it is the relief of constipation, improving the immune system or handling major stomach problems the use of microbial cultures has come a long way to help.

It is a really small thing but microbiomes are a helpful bunch and they should not be put to the side. Ultimately, we need a healthy gut to have long lasting health so it is advisable to take good care of our gut.

To do so, make an effort to get your feces tested so that you can have a clear understanding of what works out best for your gut and an expert will advise you accordingly.

Healthy diet for a healthy gut

In the meantime, strive to have a healthy diet that incorporates everything for a healthy stomach.