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Samsung chromebook laptop

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Who am I and how did I test this product?

I am a college student majoring in Information and technology. Most of my school work requires that I use a laptop, especially in studying, research work and assignments. I use the Samsung Chromebook laptop since it is lightweight and it can be easily carried anywhere. I have been using this laptop for the last one year.

Is the Samsung Electronics Company a scam?

Samsung Electronics Company limited is a multi-national electronics company with its headquarters based in Suwon, South Korea. In terms of information and technology, Samsung is well known since it is the world’s largest IT Company in terms of revenue. It is the manufacturer of electronic components such as chips, semi-conductors and hard drives. It is also the world’s leading manufacturer of tablets and smart phones.

The Samsung Electronics Company has been in business for 48 years and their website has been online for the past 23 years.

What do the positive and negative reviews say?

The product has 400+ positive reviews and 100+ negative reviews on the Amazon website. The product was first available in the market in 2016.

Pros of the Samsung 3 chromebook laptop

Feature Benefit
It has a large online following It has 1.1M+ likes on face book, 9,000+ subscribers on you tube with 4M+ views, 242K+ followers on twitter and 7,000+ followers on pinterest.
Good customer support They have a customer number where one can get help 24/7, FAQs section and forums for additional support.

There is also an email address for online support and one can also get access to their set-up manuals and tips for more information on their website.

Screen resolution and screen size It has a screen resolution of 1366 by 768 pixels.

The screen size is of 11.6 inches.

The brightness of the screen is adequate while a matte coating helps to cut down the glare.

Processor and memory processor speed The laptop has a 2.16GHz Intel Celeron processor with a memory speed of 1600 MHz it enhances it operating speed.
RAM The laptop has RAM memory of 4 GB DDR3L SDRAM.
Hard drive The hard drive of the laptop is 16 GB SSD.
Light weight and thin design The chromebook laptop weighs 2.54 pounds and measures 0.7 inches in thickness, hence it can be carried anywhere.
Friendly design to accommodate the whole family The spill resistant keyboard ensures that one can use the laptop while with the kids such that when they spill any drinks it does not affect its functioning.

One can also use it in the kitchen while cooking to get various recipes.

The HDMI output allows for output, hence everyone can watch movies and videos.

Softwares for extended connectivity This ensures that the laptop is compatible with android devices. As a result, one can see text messages, calls and any notification from their mobile devices on while it is connected to their laptops.

Children are also considered as the little bridge app provides them with stories which help them improve their creativity and English language.

Ports The laptop has an HDMI output port and a 3.0 USB port. It also has an Ethernet port for connectivity.
Long battery life It has a battery life of up to 11 hours. This allows one to access their emails, documents and watch videos. The battery life capacity lasts up to three years.
Warranty and support There is a 30 day return policy for a full refund if it arrives dead or was damaged during shipping.

samsung chromebook 3

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Cons of the Samsung 3 chromebook laptop

No full HD display.  

When playing 1080p videos, the output is not of full HD since the screen resolution the laptop is 1366 by 768 pixels.

Muddy sound When the laptop is placed on the laps or a surface, the built-in speaker produce a muddy sound.
Keyboard The keyboard of this laptop is not backlit.
Slow to load When one is using multiple tabs, the laptop tends to have a slow connection to the internet. This can be resolved by closing some of the tabs.

Other publications that recommend the Samsung 3 chromebook laptop

The Samsung chromebook laptop has been featured in the  website as one of the inexpensive and lightweight laptops under $200.

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