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Who am I and how did I test this product?

I have been a professional gardener for five years. I have been using this pressure washer for three months now and it has been rewarding. I use it to clean my tools and wash the walkway. It is easy to use and the different pressure nozzles cater for different cleaning needs.

Is Snow Joe + Sun Joe a scam?

Snow Joe + Sun Joe focus on designing outdoor tools such as lawn mowers, snow blowers, and trimmers. The company is based in Carlstadt, New Jersey. It has been in business for 13 years. Its website was created in 2004. Snow Joe + Sun Joe are known for designing high quality outdoor tools that are affordable and innovative.

What do the positive and negative reviews say?

This product has 2,000+ positive reviews and 500+ negative reviews on Amazon.

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Who else recommends this product?

This product has been recommended by for its 1800W motor at an affordable price and two detergent storage tanks.

Pros of Sun Joe pressure washer

A decent social media following Snow Joe has 35,000+ followers on Facebook,13,000+ followers on Twitter, 1,000+ followers on Instagram, and 100+ followers on Pinterest.
The main website has accessible support Customers can access a phone number and email address for support. Open hours for calling are from Monday to Friday 9 am to 7 pm EST and Sunday 9 am to 4 pm EST.
Warranty This product has a 2-year warranty.
Dual detergent tank This pressure washer has two 0.9 liter removable detergent tanks. You can put different detergents in each tank depending on your cleaning task. The two tanks can be used simultaneously on different cleaning tasks.
Safety lock switch This product features a Total Stop System trigger which automatically shuts off the pump when the trigger is disengaged. This helps to save energy and extend the pump life.
5 replaceable spray nozzles You can choose from 5 replaceable spray nozzles (00, 150, 250, 400 and soap) depending on your the cleaning task. The 00 nozzle generates high pressure while the 400 nozzle generates low pressure. The soap nozzle generates detergent.
Long power cord, extension wand, and high pressure hose This pressure washer features a 34-inch extension wand, a 20-foot high pressure hose, and a 35-foot power cord. This ensures that it will be easy to clean hard to reach areas.
Easy to move around This pressure washer has wheels which makes it convenient to move around while cleaning.

Cons of Sun Joe pressure washer

Cannot handle heavy duty cleaning This pressure washer is ideal for residential cleaning only. It cannot handle heavy duty cleaning.

Is this a best selling product?

This is the number one selling pressure washer in the market. This is because of its affordable price.

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