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Tile Mate key finder easily loops onto keychains or attaches to anything you don’t want to lose so you can find it fast.

Who Am I And How Did I Test This Product?

I have been an interning journalist for the past three months and still a student for the past three years at my campus. Considering the nature of my life in campus generally and my working situation currently, I got myself a Tile Mate Key Finder and still own one for the past three years and it has been saving my time every day from searching for books, bags, wallets, room keys and so many other things.

Is Tile Mate A Scam?

Tile Mate Key Finder has been in business since 2014, and was started by Mike Farley whose wife lost an item or two every day and spent a lot of time looking for the lost items. Their site has been up and running since 2013 and has been able to rack in sales of over 5 million units. Tile Mate Key Finder strives to make it easy for people to pinpoint where their valuables are with the best and aesthetically pleasing smart location devices in the market.

What Do The Positive And Negative Reviews Say?

Ring your things. Attach teh tile mate on anything like bags.

Tile Mate Key Finder has racked in quite some reviews with 3,000+ positive reviews and 600+ negative reviews. This product has been available since July 2013.

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Who Else Recommends This Product?

This product is so effective that Today Lifestyle Correspondent Melissa Garcia listed it as a gift idea to give to loved ones. It was also recommended by the senior editor at, Philip Michaels who has vast knowledge on tech.

Pros of Tile Mate Key Finder

Followers on social media Twitter: 20,000+ followers; Facebook: 500,000+ likes; Instagram: 14,000+ followers and YouTube: 5,500+ subscribers.
Support line online chat for customers Online chat support 7 days a week from 8:30am-5:30pm (PT) or Email them on leave us a message and they will email you back!
Small and versatile The Tile Mate’s size and versatility plays a big role as it is small enough to tag to everything you might think of like keys or it attaches on anything.
Strong It is important that it is durable as it can be used both in the house and outside. Its ability to withstand all elements makes it the best choice
Waterproof Its tightly sealed covering ensures that the Tile Mate’s battery does not get damaged by water. The sealing also makes it hard for the Tile to get tampered with.
Discreet The Tile Mate is very inconspicuous thus anyone hiding it from possible theft. Anyone who has criminal intentions will not pay any attention to it
Needs no maintenance Tile Mate’s sturdy exterior has an added advantage as it is strong thus it does not require any maintenance
Great deals Tile Mate offers big discounts when one purchases them in bulk. This advantage gives the buyer a great deal
Community find feature The Tile Mate Community can help you find your tile. It has over 5 million users who can be your personal lost and found system.
Locate last position The Tile Mate App is able to remember the last place the item was seen. Enabling you to pinpoint where to start searching.
Warranty Tile Mates Warranty lasts a whole year. If defective, Tile Mate will repair, replace or can also refund you the purchase price upon return.

Use your phone to find your items quickly or double click on your tile to find your phone.

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Cons of Tile Mate Key Finder

Range of use Seeing that it uses Bluetooth, its range of use is disadvantaged unlike other locating devices that use GSM.
Battery sealed in When the battery of the Tile Mate dies, you will have to purchase another one as the battery is not replaceable and is totally sealed into the Tile.
Find feature restricted The community find feature in Tile is restricted to an area where there are MANY other Tile users. This might prove a little difficult if you live in a small town.


Is This a Best Selling Product?

It can be used on just about anything including wallets, keys, bags and so on.

Tile Mate Key Finder is the bestselling locater for your daily household items that might get lost. It is a bestseller because it comes in as one of the top five locating products thanks to its smallness, durability and effectiveness. The link to a smartphone via Bluetooth gives it an edge for short distance uses.

Other Publications That Recommend the Product

The Tile Mate Key Finder was mentioned as a possible Christmas gift in the Today show by Melissa Garcia. It is also highly recommended by who have listed it among its top five locater devices.

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