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Women know their power, especially when it comes to lifting weights. A lot of them it for different reasons like to buff up and build muscles, for competitive reasons and others to work as fitness models. Whatever their reasons women lift weights a little differently to their male counterparts. Below are some of the best advices out there for women lifters from qualified professionals in the field. Read up and use what you feel will help you achieve your goal.

  1. Workout Abs According To Your Need

A lady working on her stomach crunches

In essence, when women work out their abs, they do so with the main goal of achieving small, slender waists. The problem comes in on how they exercise their abs to achieve the said small and slender waist. If you are a female powerlifter, you will definitely work your abs totally different from how a specific female athlete works their abs or a female who is just working out to stay fit and healthy. It is advisable to get a routine that will benefit you as a woman, not as a man. Scientifically and physically speaking, there are different approaches to how one can workout their abs as a woman. To avoid man-like abs, talk to your trainer and come up with a workout routine that will be beneficial to your abs.

  1. Exercise In Moderation

Powerlifter by greg westfall on Flikcr

When it comes to exercising as a woman, more exercise is not always the best option. Slaving away at the gym and killing yourself might lead to exhaustion and minimal to no results. For better results, have a workout plan that will benefit your body and allow it to rest and heal properly for the next bit of workout. By doing so, you will be able to see actual results.

  1. Workout with A Goal In Mind

Back muscles

Know what muscles you are working, understand why your body is reacting the way it is when you are working out and know what kind of result you should expect after doing the kind of workout you are doing. If you are doing a deadlift then that translates to you feeling it more on your glutes and hamstrings. If you feel it on your lower back, then you are doing it wrong.

  1. Work on Your Body, Do Not Compare Yourself To Others

Do what’s best for you

Many a times, a lot of people get to the gym wanting to look like a certain person they admire (or envy). They do so forgetting that our bodies work differently and what works for one person might not necessarily work for another. When working out, always remember that you cannot change how your body was genetically made. The best you can do is improve on it make it more durable, hardier and fitter than it already is.

  1. Change How You Think About Lifting

(How you think about lifting as a woman)

You should get rid of the mentality that you have to go through pain to lift heavy weights. When you do your lifting, it should never hurt you, at least not in a bad way. Tolerating bad pain will only lead to injuries that will affect you in future.

  1. Know What Entails Your Workout Physically

Know your limits

When working out, you should keep in mind how you breathe, how much you are burning, how heavy the weights you are lifting are and the heat generated when working out. You are working out right if all these four are working together to achieve your goal. Have the appropriate rest period between sets. When women work out, they produce growth hormone, so to have maximum results, when women work out they have to have a lot of intensity in their sets which will increase the human growth hormones.

  1. Set Achievable Goals Every Time You Enter the Gym

Set achievable goals

When you enter the gym every day, you should have a set goal you want to achieve that day. Plan your work outs accordingly so that when you go in on specific day, you know what you are working on and how many sets of the workouts you are doing. Being a woman, you should learn to listen to your body. Study your menstrual cycle and know how it affects your workout routine and plan accordingly and know how intense your workouts will be.

  1. Throw Away Your Scale

Don’t check your weight obsessively

Or at least do not keep looking at it, like every day, you will just depress yourself. Many a times, when women consult their scales for a progress report they always get no weight change, at least no significant changes. But as much as the scale does not give them the numbers they seek, there are physical changes that have happened, they probably have dropped a dress size or there is more muscle definition. Most women do not see that as they are hang-up on the number on the scale.

  1. Workout Programs Are Good, But Do Not Do Them Like a Zombie

Have a workable workout program

If you have workout program that you follow and something feels not right while you are doing it, then it is high time you changed it. If you keep doing it merely because the instructions say so, you will be hurting yourself and you will be hurting future progress. So, as a woman who lifts, if a particular set is not working do not push yourself to the extent that you get injured, simply tweak the program to fit your body needs and breeze through the workout.

  1. Leave Fitness/Figure Competitor Training To them

Fitness Competitors

Ok, so you are perusing through a fitness magazine and you flip a page and BAM! You come face to face with the most gorgeous and fit woman effortlessly lifting weights. You want to be like her, I mean it looks easy, doesn’t it? You hit the gym and you want to look like her so you do what she does, but it seems like it is not working for you. This is usually the scenario for many women out there they try to copy the women they see in the magazines. The thing is these women undergo very strenuous routines to look like they do because their job is to entice you to do the diet they are on or workout program they are doing or purchase the pills and powders they are advertising. When working out, opt to train according to how your body can handle it. Do not copy what you see in the magazines or how your friend is doing it.