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Alisha Marie is a YouTube personality and vlogger who specializes in fashion, beauty, pranks and home décor.

Here is the camera she uses.

Canon Powershot G7 X


1-inch 20.2MP CMOS sensor: the one inch sensor allows for a balance between high image quality and high sensitivity

DIGIC 6 image processor: It ensures high level sharpness and reduces picture noise. It also shoots in low light.

Canon HS system: ensures that you capture bright and clear pictures. It also helps reduce noise

Advanced optics: this camera features a bright aperture at f/1.8 (W) and f/2.8 (T) with a 24-100mm optical zoom.  This frame ensures that more details are put in your frame

Vari-angle LCD touch panel: the LCD screen can tilt up to 180 degrees. The multi-angles allows for selfies and creative framing.

Continuous shooting: this camera features continuous shooting up to 6.5 fps.

31-point Auto Focus: this feature enables the camera to be precise and accurate.

Built-in WI-FI: the camera’s aperture, shutter speed, ISO, focus and shutter can be operated wirelessly from a compatible iOS or Android device. This is done using the free Canon connect app. Once you have installed the app in your device, you can remotely control the camera from a distance. This is a great option for difficult shots.

Built-in NFC: with this camera you can easily transfer images and videos to a compatible Android device

1080p Full HD video: this camera records videos at 60 fps in MP4 format. The MP4 format carries small sizes that can be stored in a single memory card which also makes downloading and sharing easy to carry out. It also has a manual mode.

Intelligent IS: this feature allows a photographer to take steady pictures. For still images and video shooting, there is a range of modes to choose from such as Panning IS and Dynamic IS respectively.

Star shooting mode: with this camera you can shoot great start nightscapes and star portraits.

This camera also features a handheld HDR, RAW mode, ND filter for longer exposure time and wide apertures and creative shot mode which allows for photographers to create images with their individual tastes.


  • High image quality
  • Great for video recording
  • Lightweight
  • Touch screen
  • Long zoom


  • Auto ISO could be better
  • Doesn’t support windows phone

Frequently asked questions

Q: Does this camera record great videos? If it does not, what small portable camera would you suggest below $600?

A: I have not done much with, but it works well. All Panasonic Lumix cameras shoot good videos.

Q: Can I shoot in RAW mode with this camera? I read that the camera is slow in burst mode and that it does not shoot in RAW mode.

A: Yes, you can. The camera shoots in RAW mode and does a really good job. However, at its time of its release, the camera was so new that Adobe had not caught up with it. Adobe camera raw could not read this camera’s files. So I used the free Canon’s Digital Photo Profession for downloading and saving RAW files.

Q: Which is better, the S120 or this? I want a camera for vlogging and taking pictures.

A: I own the two cameras. I like the G7X because it has a sensor and I use it to shoot live music in dim lights. So it depends on what you want a camera for.

Q: Does this camera feature WI-FI? The features section does not say

A: Yes it does. You can connect to your smartphone to transfer and save files.

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I have been using DSLRs for the last ten years. The reason is not the ability to use more than one lens but the features such as larger sensor, less noise, wider aperture and an increased number of controls.

DSLRs take quality photos but size became an issue for me and I stopped taking mine outdoors. I started using my Lumia920 to take daily pictures but they were never as good and it was frustrating. Therefore, I decided to finally buy a high-end camera. My choices narrowed to Sony RX 100 iii and this camera.

Both cameras are great but I went with the G7X because of the longer zoom and touch screen. It also has great focusing speed, a decent battery life and good image quality. I have taken lots of quality photos with this camera. I always resize them to allow for easy transfer through WI-FI to my smartphone. Recording videos is also great. The touch screen is used to focus while recording.

Overall, this camera has great features and I am looking forward to the improvements Canon will make. I recommend this product.