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Bryant Eslava is a talented 19 year old fashion photographer who has made tremendous strides in his art. Here is his first camera:

Nikon D40 DSLR


6.1MP CCD image sensor: this sensor offers vivid color and fine detail. The high resolution makes it easy to carry out creative cropping.

Intuitive controls: these controls make shooting easy even for beginners.

Small-sized: this camera is 16 ounces making it convenient to carry around.

Instant shutter response: the super-fast shutter response enables moments to be captured instantly.

DX Zoom-Nikkor lens: this ultra-compact lens 3x zoom provides sharpness and a wide range of shooting situations.

2.5fps: the 2.5fps continuous shooting id great for capturing sporting activities.

2.5-inch LCD monitor: this monitor comes with three display options. You can easily access the menu, playback images, and preview images.

In-camera image editing: with this camera you can carry out edits such as red-eye correction, image trimming, and color filter effects without the need of a computer.

3-area AF: this feature delivers fast, accurate, and precise autofocus.

Image optimization choices: these help in adjusting color, contrast, and sharpness depending on the kind of scene you require.

Assist images: the assist images aid you in choosing the best setting by showing an image example in that kind of setting.

i-TTL flash control: it assesses flash exposure with great precision to gain better automatic flash balance and give quality results.

Accurate viewfinder: this large viewfinder makes composition simple. Its brightness also makes it easy to shoot in low light.

Automatic exposure: this feature has 8 digital-vari program modes such as Auto Flash-OFF, Portrait, Landscape, Child, Sports, and Close Up or Night Portrait. These modes adjust automatically.

Matrix metering II: this feature assesses every scene for brightness, color, contrast, scene, size, and position.


  • Lightweight
  • Great flash
  • High image quality


  • Low megapixels
  • Less sensitive camera

Frequently asked questions

Q: Can the lenses be interchanged?

A: Yes, they can.

Q: Which lens can be used with this camera?

A: This camera’s mount is similar to all Nikon’s DSLRs and SLRs. The features of the lens limit compatibility. The issue with new lenses is the automatic feature of the lens and the capability of this camera to actuate it. I use the Nikon D40 with Nikon DX SWM ED Aspherical auto focus 18-55mm that works well with the camera. You can visit the Nikon website and look up the lens compatibility chart.

Q: How can I take shots indoors at volley games without them being blurry?

A: Usually you will need an external flash to freeze the motion. This kind of Nikon model is expensive. Taking the gym’s light into consideration, you can adjust the ISO to 1600, set exposure mode to S. this will force the camera to make use of the highest possible shutter speed and see if there will be an improvement. If it does not work, you will need an expensive flash since the built-in is not strong enough. The sports mode can work outdoors but it will be less effective indoors with low light.

Q: How much should a used D40 in really good condition cost?

A: The price range should be between 120.00 and 150.00.

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I purchased this camera five years ago. When I was purchasing it, there were newer models present with high megapixels and larger screens but I still bought the D40. I love the camera for the following reasons:

The camera is lightweight. I can easily hold it and take selfie shots without worrying about dropping it. I can also carry it with me everywhere I go.

It perfectly fits in my ThinkTank SpeedDemon V2.0 camera case. I also put three lenses in this bag, spare batteries, SB-400 speedlight, SD cards, filters, Niko remote among other things.

The megapixels are sufficient for any enlargements an amateur photographer would need. Although you will find cameras with 20MP that go for less than $150, there are more important things that influence image quality such as sharpness and speed.

The camera has two great pro features. The first is that it supports flash sync up to 1/500th of a second. With this you can use the flash in shots that require a shutter speed of 1/500th like broad day light. Second, it has an easily accessible RGB histogram. You can see the Red, Blue and Green options when viewing your image by simply pressing the OK button thrice. This is a great feature to have that only professionals may know how to really use it fully but it could help you confirm that you are not overexposing the red in a sunset shot.

The disadvantage of this camera is the 6.1MP, even though it serves me well, I feel that I could use more pixels for low light shots. Additionally, a more sensitive CCD sensor would give me better low light shots without blur. However, I still feel that a camera that I can carry around that does 95% of what I need is worth it.