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FaZe Rug is a YouTube personality who gained his recognition by posting prank videos. Here is the camera he uses.

Canon PowerShot A2600 IS


16.0MP image sensor: this camera’s 16.0MP resolution ensures that you get rich and clear images.

DIGIC 4 image processor: this feature allows fast performance with low battery consumption.

5x optical zoom: this feature offers high optical performance while the 28mm wide-angle lens puts more of an image creating dynamic shots.

Smart auto: this camera has 32 predefined shooting situations which it recognizes and chooses the setting that best suits your shooting environment. For instance it can detect animals and vehicles on the move.

720p, 25fps HD video: this ensures that the videos shot are quality and real-like. It also shoots at 640 x 480 VGA at about 30fps.

Movie button: the movie button on this camera is easily accessible meaning that you do not have to go through the menu option to find it. Therefore, you can start and stop shooting immediately. This feature also allows you to shoot videos in optical zoom.

Digital IS: this feature reduces blur by identifying the main subject.

Long battery life: this camera has a battery life that lasts as long as the memory with the help of ECO mode which reduces battery consumption.

Other features: you can get creative with the scene mode without the need of extra lenses and you can get shooting advice by pressing the easily accessible help button


  • Long-lasting battery
  • High quality videos
  • High quality images


  • No memory card
  • No USB cable

Frequently asked questions

Q: How long does it take the battery to charge?

A: I think it takes about an hour.

Q: Where can I get a printed manual of this camera as opposed to downloading one?

A: You can get from friends who have such a camera, from a local shop that sells cameras or from eBay where it might be part of the package being sold.

Q: Does this camera have a USB cable?

A: No. I use a USB cable from a different camera

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I was searching for such a digital camera that can shoot great both indoors and outdoors and shoot really quality videos. I had done my research prior to purchasing this camera and I was aware of the fact that it does not come with a memory card or a cable for transferring files to my computer. But since I own several memory cards and my laptop can support an SD card, this was not a problem for me. I also purchased a case for the camera that fits perfectly. I recommend this camera to anyone who simply wants a point and shoot camera without all the extra effects.