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Gunner Stahl is a photographer who is known for taking great pictures of rappers such as Wiz Khalifa and Lil’ Uzi.

Kodak PIXPRO Astro Zoom AZ251

This is an amazing camera with cool features for awesome photos.


16.1MP CCD sensor: this feature allows you to zoom or crop your images without losing detail.

25x optical zoom and a 24mm wide lens: this helps you to get close to the object and capture every detail.

Facial detection: this camera features a face, dog and cat detection. This ensures that images are captured exactly as they are. It also features blink and smile detection.

Face beautifier mode: this feature enables you to reduce facial blemishes, smooth out the skin tone and enhance the eyes to generate perfect portraits.

Panorama mode: you can smoothly create a panoramic view up to 180 degrees by panning the camera across your object.


  • Captures fine details
  • Has awesome options for enhancing photos


  • Has non-rechargeable batteries
  • It is suited for beginners
  • Tricky zooming in and out

Frequently asked questions

Q: Is there a viewfinder on this camera?

A: No. the screen is at the back. Like many digital cameras, it is difficult to see in bright sunlight.

Q: I read that this camera comes with AA batteries. Are they included in the package? Can the camera be used to recharge the batteries?

A: The camera comes with 4 AA batteries. These batteries cannot be recharged. You would have to purchase rechargeable batteries and a charger.

Q: Does this camera have macro and super macro properties for capturing small objects?

A: Yes, it does. I took a close up of a really small flower and it turned out great with fantastic amount of detail. I really love this camera and I have taken lots of professional pictures with it. I have used it for a year now and it has served me well.

Q: Does the camera give the status of the battery? Like the amount of battery life left or a low battery warning?

A: Yes, it does but I am not sure about its accuracy.

On receiving this camera, it was exactly as described. It took four pictures during the day; two without flash and two with flash. They turned out really well and it is clear that the flash works really well. The only issue I have with this camera is that the lens cap is loose and it falls of easily. I think a bit of foam should fix it. Otherwise, this is truly a great Kodak camera.

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