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Nikkie is a professional hair and makeup artist from the Netherlands. She is a YouTube personality. She posts videos on beauty.

Here are the cameras she uses.

Canon EOS 60D 18 MP CMOS Digital SLR

This is an amazing vlogging camera with great features.


18.0MP CMOS sensor: this feature enables the camera to capture high resolution images. It also makes it simple to crop images without losing details. It also helps in reducing noise.

DIGIC 4 image processor: this processor ensures that images are captured, processed, and saved at fast speed. Thanks to this feature, RAW images can be processed in-camera, filters, image resizing and S2 and S3 image-recording quality can be accessed.

ISO 100-6400: the ISO setting is expandable to 6400 in auto setting and 12800 in custom setting. It allows you to shoot at any time while capturing images in their finest details.

Enhanced EOS HD video mode: this mode has manual exposure control for creative control.

3.0-inch LCD monitor: this feature can be tilted at different angles allowing for shooting at high or low angles. This feature can also be used when the camera is on a tripod or when it has a battery grip attached. It also has 1,040,000 pixels for fine details shooting. The LCD monitor is smudge resistant, anti-reflective and water repellant. It makes easy to access settings such as ISO and Auto Focus point selection.

5.3fps: this camera shoots continuously at 5.3fps up to 58 large JPEG images and 16 RAW images. Therefore, it can capture rapidly occurring scenes effortlessly.

93% viewfinder coverage: this feature ensures that you can see more of the image from the viewfinder. The transparent LCD monitor allows several viewfinder displays such as the battery meter and the exposure level indicator.

9-point Auto Focus system: this feature comes with a 63-zone Dual-layer sensor. This feature ensures that images are captured accurately even in difficult to shoot areas. The metering system features color measurement properties that reduce exposure and focus errors.

RAW to JPEG image conversion: this camera enables you to shoot a RAW file process it and convert it JPEG. Images are set in a 3:2 aspect ratio. The camera also has options such as picture style functions, brightness adjustment, white balance, JPEG recording image quality and filters for adding effects.

Compatible with different memory cards: this compatible with SD, SDHC and SDXC memory card. These memory cards are affordable and have large storage capabilities.

Compatible with EF and EF-S line of lenses: this camera is compatible with the range of EF and EF-S lenses from ultra-wide to telephoto ones.

Flash photography: this camera features E-TTL II flash metering system which works great in sunlight or in darkness. The camera has options for changing the area for flash metering.


  • Great for video shooting
  • Easy to use controls


  • Has horizontal electronic level only
  • No lens micro adjustment
  • No PC sync

Frequently asked questions

Q: I am planning to upgrade from my Canon Rebel XS to the Canon 60D. Will I still be able to use the same lenses?

A: Yes, you will.

Q: Doe the camera come with a charger?

A: Yes, it does. It comes with a battery and a charger.

Q: I have zero knowledge on these cameras. What is the difference between this camera and the T5i?

A: I would suggest the 60D over the T5i. The T5i would be great for shooting interviews but the 60D has improved color depth a higher dynamic range, low noise in low light and a long lasting battery. The T5i has video AF, a touch screen display, high ISO, and built-in HDR.

Q: This will be my first DSLR camera. What would be the best all round lens that is compatible with the 60D?

A: For a start, I would recommend Canon’s 18-135mm lens. It is a great all round lens. Probably after you have used for a while you will find that you need another lens such as a prime or L. but the 18-135mm lens should serve your needs just fine.

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This is a great camera and if it your first DSLR, then you should not compare it to your old XXD OR XXXD.

I do my shooting in Av or M mode. I find the controls easy to use especially because I use the LED and control buttons the most. Sometimes I use the q-menu.

The 18-200 kit lens is great for outdoor shooting. For indoor shooting, you will require a better prime. I use a lens with a metal mount and range meter. I find that with this camera, a 50mm lens will behave like an 80mm one. Therefore I find that I frequently have to back away from my subject. I believe a 20-30mm prime would be helpful in many events. The trick is to know why you are the camera in the first place. For outdoor shooting such as wildlife and birds, you should buy the body and then get a 300M zoom lens. For indoor shooting, get a 2-50mm prime with a wide aperture. A wide aperture allows more light to pass through hence making it unnecessary to use a flash. It also gives a nice soft focus. Use a kit lens for shooting various kinds of situations but do get an 18-55mm one as it has a lot of limitations.

Shooting videos with this camera is great. But you have to conscious of the file size. I think it has a 4GB limitation. Therefore, you might get about five minutes of continuous shooting with this camera. For longer continuous shooting you should consider using 720p.

Playback in this camera is average so you will have to buy a mini HDMI or HDMI cable. You will be pleasantly surprised by the high resolution and high image quality. You should also consider getting a software for converting your files to make suitable for various devices such as Android and YouTube.

The downside to this camera is that the Auto Focus in live view and video mode performs poorly. In live view, it takes forever to focus and capture the image. In video mode, the AF simply does not work. So I have gotten into the habit of using manual focus which is not a bad thing at all. I guess upgrading the firmware could help solve this issue.

Canon EOS 70D Digital SLR Camera

The Canon EOS 70D is a great vlogging camera with really great features.


Dual pixel CMOS Auto Focus: this feature allows for fast and smooth live viewing and movie shooting. This technology ensures fast, accurate AF with no loss in the quality of the image with increased coverage to 80% of the image plane. It also allows easy and natural switching between objects. With the help of Movie Servo AF, subject movement is captured smoothly and precisely.

Built-in WI-FI: the camera’s aperture, shutter speed, ISO, focus and shutter can be operated wirelessly from a compatible iOS or Android device. This is done using the free Canon connect app. Once you have installed the app in your device, you can remotely control the camera from a distance. This is a great option for difficult shots. With this app, you can look through the images without taking the camera out the bag and save them on your smartphone. You can also share images from the camera to DLNA devices such as HDTVs or to smartphones. Via LAN images can also be shared between two Canon cameras. Other cool things you can do wirelessly are printing and social network sharing.

Enhanced dual pixel CMOS Auto Focus: this feature allows for fast and smooth live viewing and movie shooting. This technology ensures fast, accurate AF with no loss in the quality of the image with increased coverage to 80% of the image plane. It also allows easy and natural switching between objects. With the help of Movie Servo AF, subject movement is captured smoothly and precisely.

20.2MP APS-C CMOS sensor: this feature offers a high resolution for cropping while maintaining the details.

14-bit Analog to Digital conversion: this feature ensures that images captured are preserved in their original form.

Digic 5+ image processor: it works with two 4 channel analog to digital converter front end processing circuit. It also produces speeds of up to 7.0 fps of non-stop shooting. It also provides noise reduction when shooting in high ISO.

ISO 100-12800 and expendable to 25600 in H mode: this feature make it easy to shoot anywhere at any time without the need of a flash.

3-inch touchscreen LCD II monitor: this feature allows the camera to capture movies and still photos at different angles. This camera has 2700 of vertical rotation and 1750 of horizontal rotation. This makes it perfect for making movies that require the capture of subjects at different angles. The LCD screen is smudge-resistant. Options such as zoom, image changing and menu settings can be accessed using touch AF.

Intelligent viewfinder: the 98% viewfinder enables the photographer can access the settings easily and that he can have the object on sight for instant capturing. This viewfinder displays AF points, AF mode, a grid display, a horizontal electronic level among other options. These options can be hidden from display in case the photographer simply wants to view an object uninterrupted.

Scene intelligent auto mode: this mode uses Canon technologies such as joining picture style auto, automatic lighting optimizer, automatic white balance, autofocus, and automatic exposure. Scene intelligible auto mode analyzes the contrast, color, faces and brightness of images. These technologies ensure that scenes are captured in their best possible forms.

19-point all cross-type Auto Focus sensors: this feature is automatic or can be selected manually. It allows for compositional flexibility both horizontally and vertically. This feature comes with a high precision f/2.8 dual cross-type Auto Focus center point.

Full HD movie mode: this camera captures HD videos with a high level of excellence. It provides All-I and IPB compression. It automatically splits files more than 4GB without interrupting recording.

Excellent effects: these effects include high dynamic range, multiple exposure control, handheld night scene mode (captures images in the night which would have been difficult to previous capture without a tripod), high dynamic range backlight control mode and seven great filters that can be displayed in real time.

Advanced features: this camera can work with Canon’s EF and EF-S lenses, it has an intelligent Multi Shot Noise Reduction, lens correction options, a feature guide which gives a description which helps the photographer determine the applicability of the current situation, has a GPS receiver that records coordinates and location, gives images a rating for the sake of organization and is compatible with a range of memory cards such as SD and UHS-I.


  • Excellent touchscreen
  • Auto Focus works really well
  • Lightweight
  • Menus are easy to navigate
  • Amazing footage
  • Shoots 24p
  • Uses EF and EF-S lenses
  • Captures great photos


  • No 4k video recording
  • Not really great with low light
  • Not full frame
  • Not high quality

Frequently asked questions

Q: What are the advantages of the 18-135mm compared to the 18-55mm kit lens?

A: It is simply more distance. I usually do not use kit lens. Therefore, buy a cheaper one and get primes with much better quality. But of course it will depend on what your photography needs are.

Q: Is this a USA camera or why is the guarantee not listed?

A: Yes. Amazon could improve its descriptions by stating that it a USA model. Amazon sells Canon USA models officially. You could visit Canon’s website and search for USA dealers.

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This is the ideal camera for vlogging which is the reason why I bought it. In case you do not want 4k, you work alone or you simply want to shoot and get the material out there fast, then this camera is for you.

I own Canon 5D Mark III and Mark IV, so I am acquainted to the Canon brand. I use them for taking photographs and videos.

I did a lot of research before buying this camera. This was a good choice since I already own sever high-end glass.

This camera has a lot of good points such as the touchscreen, the AF, its weight (lightweight), easy to navigate menus, is 24p, compatible with EF and EF-S lenses and captures great images. The downside is that it is not 4k, does not have a full frame, not high quality and it doesn’t work well in low light.

I bought it with 18-55mm kit lens and also purchased 2.8 24mm pancake lens. They are both amazing lenses. The first has great stabilization so it great for shooting while holding it while the second lens makes the camera light so it is easy to carry.

Contrary to what I have heard and read, kit lens is great. Canon makes good affordable ones compared to other lenses. Unless you have all the lenses you need, a kit lens is a good choice. I usually buy one with a short zoom because it is sharper and faster.

Having used this camera for a while, I feel like I should buy a wider camera which will be better for outdoor shooting. I think a 10-14mm will do.

In summary, I prefer this camera to my Mark IV when it comes to taking videos. You should not let the talk about camera quality stop you from buying this camera. Eventually, what matters is the content not the camera.

I recommend that you get this camera. All you need to get is the kit lens and a camera mic.

Apple iPhone 5 Camera

Nikkie uses the iPhone 5 camera to take pictures of her eyes. The camera has 8 megapixels, a small lens and an f/2.4 aperture. The camera app makes use of the phone’s height to capture a wider view. It captures details on the side that you will not see as you take the picture.


Speed: the iPhone 5 camera has great speed. It opens shoots and saves really fast. It can shoot pictures fast continuously. It is of course slower than a DSLR, but it has excellent speed for a compact camera.

Picture quality: the enhanced Image Signal Processor reduces noise and blur from images hence producing quality pictures. It also softens objects such as a blue sky.

Low light performance: this camera features a Dynamic Low Light Mode, a 2-stop boost sensitivity that allows it to capture images in dim light at an ISO of 3200. However, this level of sensitivity results in the loss of fine details.

Fixed 4.13mm f/2.4 lens: the camera features a fixed lens which means that you are always in focus. However, this could be a problem if you want to shoot a blurry background. This lens gives the same view as a 33mm lens at about f/19 on a full frame camera. With this camera, you can shoot objects 60 times darker without a tripod when compared to an SLR.

Phone control: the phone controls aperture, shutter speed and ISO. But since you know what results you will get, this is ok. Some apps can help you in changing some of the camera’s settings.

Flash: the camera features a bright LED that only goes a few meters. The flash is however too close to the lens hence resulting in red-eye.

Panorama shooting: the camera is great for panorama shooting as you slowly rotate the camera to 200 degrees. The phone gives you feedback on whether to slow down or move up for smooth shooting.

Sapphire crystal: this covering helps protect the lens from scratches.

Storage: the phone does not support memory cards. Therefore you are stuck with the phone’s 57.3GB for storing your images. This means that you might require your PC for storing and managing your photos.

Battery life: battery life will last longer when shooting compared to iPhone 4S.

Colors and brightness: this camera reduces the reds in images.

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