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Zoella is an English YouTube personality, a fashion and beauty vlogger and an author. Let’s look at the camera she uses to take photos for her blog.

Canon EOS 600D

The Canon EOS 600D DSLR also known as the Canon Rebel T3i in the US is a great camera for vloggers. This camera features:

18.0MP CMOS sensor: this feature allows the camera to capture clear images with a tonal range. It also provides enough resolution for enlargements and crops.

DIGIC 4 image processor: this processor ensures that images are captured, processed, and saved at fast speed. This results in fine details and natural color production.

ISO 100-6400: this ISO is expandable to 2800 enabling the camera to capture images in bright and dim light. It also allows the camera to shoot in situations that might have once be difficult to shoot without a flash

Full HD video: 1080p Full HD videos can be taken at frame rates of 30 (29.97), 24 (23.976) and 25.0. With options such as movie digital zoom and video snapshot you can now enhance video shooting. The video snapshot option you can create short video clips which are then automatically made into one video file. Such files can easily be shared online or you can use a HDMI port to watch them on HDTV. Other great features are manual exposure control, Live View, in-camera editing and three recording sizes.

3-inch LCD vari-angle monitor: this feature can be tilted at different angles allowing for shooting at high or low angles. This feature can also be used when the camera is on a tripod or when it has a battery grip attached. It also has 1,040,000 pixels for fine details shooting. The LCD monitor is smudge resistant, anti-reflective and water repellant. It makes easy to access settings such as ISO and Auto Focus point selection. The rotating monitor makes it ideal for capturing self portraits.

Scene detection system: the Picture Style Auto, Automatic Lighting Optimizer, Automatic White Balance, Autofocus, and Automatic Exposure allow the camera to capture beautiful scenes.

9-point Auto Focus system: this feature comes with a 63-zone Dual-layer sensor. This feature ensures that images are captured accurately even in difficult to shoot areas. The metering system features color measurement properties that reduce exposure and focus errors.

Creativity features: the camera allows you to explore your creativity through the Basic plus function, Multi-aspect function and creative filters

3.7fps continuous shooting: this camera can shoot 3.7 frames per second up to six consecutive RAW files or about 34 full resolution JPEGs.

Wide range of storage options: this camera is compatible with SD, SDHC and SDXC memory cards.

Viewfinder: this camera offers 95% coverage.

Wide range compatibility with EF and EF-S lenses: this camera is compatible with the range of EF and EF-S lenses from ultra-wide to telephoto ones

Flash photography: this camera features E-TTL II flash metering system which works great in sunlight or in darkness. The camera has options for changing the area for flash metering.


  • Easy to use
  • High image and video quality
  • Rotating LCD monitor


  • No wireless connectivity
  • Battery life not powerful enough
  • Bulky
  • No AF microadjustment

Frequently answered questions

Q: Is this camera recommendable to a beginner?

A: Yes. It is a great camera that is easy to use. Everything is on the screen to guide you through.

Q: What will the camera come with if I buy the body only?

A: The camera body comes with the following standard items: EF eyecup, wide Strap EW-100DBIII, USB Interface Cable IFC-130U, AV Cable AVC-DC400ST, Battery Pack LP-E8, Battery Charger LC-E8E, EOS Digital Solution Disk and Instruction Manuals.

Q: Does this camera have silent shutter and no flash modes?

A: The no flash mode is available. By default, P/AV/TV/M modes do not come with a flash. I believe that there should be a no flash mode in the scene modes and auto-flash is disabled in sport and landscape modes. To achieve the silent shutter, you will have to disable the “beep” that most DSLRs have. However, you will still hear the actual shutter go off.

Q: Can I capture photos quickly, even in low light with a flash? I have a toddler and my camera presently misses a lot.

A: I would suggest that for this particular requirement that you rely on an external flash rather than an internal one. For instance, the Canon Speedlite 430EX II is a good choice. In low light, an internal flash utilizes bright pulses of light to generate enough light for focusing the camera. However, these pulses can distract the subject. The external flash has a less intrusive beam of light. The light from the 430EX camera can be bounced from a ceiling or wall to make it look softer and flattering. Additionally, this camera recharges fast after a shot, battery life consumption is low, and has a greater range.

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I had a few issues with my camera’s shutter mechanism getting stuck. I sent it to Canon for repair but after three months, the same issue developed again. The two times this problem occurred I was attending my daughter’s tournament and unfortunately, I could not capture those moments. I have been a Canon user for thirty years and this bad experience has made rethink ever purchasing a Canon product again. I use a number of Canon lenses with this camera but I am now going to purchase from a different brand. Maybe I will go with Nikon.