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‘Everyone’s ex’ aka  greatest dj ever slash that dude Taylor banged slash Adam Richard Wiles, known professionally as Calvin Harris, is a Scottish record producer, DJ, singer and songwriter.

Harris went from posting his music online to producing material for Rihanna and selling millions under his own name within a few years.

A talented remixer and DJ as well, he has won Grammys and MTV VMA awards, broke Michael Jackson’s record for the most U.K. Top Ten singles from one album, and was named Forbes’ highest-earning DJ in 2013.

Computers help people make music – get over it! … There are still people out there complaining that my music is made on computers. But every single fucking band and every single act whose CD you have bought or downloaded on iTunes or listened to on Spotify, they have all used computers at some stage! It’s the best technology out there, whether you’re Björk or Mumford & Sons or fucking Dina Carroll! What do you expect people to do? Sit at home and cut up bits of recording tape?

Calvin doesn’t seem to have a stop button when it comes to touring. Whether it’s heading out in support of big acts like Rihanna or Skrillex or simply playing one-off shows across the world, Calvin’s live shows are quickly become legend both for their regularity and their incredible atmosphere.

Ever since he teamed up with Rihanna for ‘We Found Love’, the global music industry can’t get enough of Calvin, which was clearly evident when he picked up not one but two gongs at the MTV Video Music Awards 2012 this year, one for ‘We Found Love’ and one for his own hit ‘Feel So Close’.

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