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Kevin Hart, a name that reverberates throughout the comedy halls, has made a name not only as a comedian but also as a product ambassador and a fitness enthusiast.

Having taken up running as a way of keeping fit, Hart had to look for headphones that would be comfortable, durable and easy to use when he is out there breaking a sweat. He has been seen using the New Muzik One Connect Smarter Headphone and he looks like a man who is satisfied with the kind of headphone he has.

I wanted to see what the Muzik headphones were all about so I went and got myself one and used them on my workouts and other activities.

MUZIK One Connect Smarter Headphone in Black

First of all, this brand has not been on the market for that long having been established in 2012. The creator of Muzik, Jason Hardy had a vision of making headphones smarter and that is what he did by adding smart technology which came with unique ways of accessing music.

The headphone comes with a Muzik Software and app which makes it possible for someone to share music from the headphones.

Aesthetically pleasing to look at, this headphone prides itself more on its technology than on its look and design. It comes in black, white/silver and white/gold. When bought, one of the features that come with it, is it has two carry bags, a sturdy bag/case designed for traveling and a soft bag for when you do not need compactness. Other features include USB and standard 3.5mm cable that comes with the headphone.

MUZIK One Connect Smarter Headphone in white silver, black and white/gold.

I personally took a liking to the bag or case they include when you buy the headphones. The case that is specifically for traveling comes in a silicon rubber case that has a zip making it sturdy and flexible. For easy carrying, they have provided a carabiner that one can use to attach it to a back pack. The soft bag is made of a silky fabric and pulls strings for closing the bag.

The lightness and flexible headband also appealed to me giving it a comfortable fit and a functional feature. The ear cups can swivel with ease. Its soft leathery material makes wearing the ear pads a luxurious experience.

A unique feature that I thought was clever was the Muzik Ones interchangeable cushions that come in two different variables; the over-the-ear cushions or the on-ear cushions.

New Muzik One Connect Smarter Headphone cushions

What I love is the fact that they are wireless availing the ability to listen to music wherever I am without worrying about cables.

Enough of its physical features, I wanted to know what it had to offer when it came to sound quality and clarity. I must say I was not disappointed. With a 40mm driver, I could enjoy clear HD sound. The headphone was created to be used in TV, news, sports and for receiving and making calls hence its high quality crisp and clear sound.

Now the other reason why Hart uses this headphone is its functionality. When he goes out to have a run, traveling or just sitting at home watching television, the Muzik Ones give him the flexibility of movement without worrying about tripping on cables or have a head-jerking tag if a cable snugs on a hook.

I also found the Muzik Ones functionality very convenient considering that I could connect to any device a phone, iPad, computer, smart TV you name it, I could connect easily thanks to its Bluetooth feature.

MUZIK One Connect Smarter Headphone with its two carry on bags and other features

And another thing that blew my mind was its ability to share, play and personalize my music from my headphone making it the first company to have such a feature on a headphone. I could also access music from another device by using its touch-activated “Hot Keys” found on the ear pad. These keys are programmable to apps like Twitter or Spotify and the gawking clincher; you can program them to control your TV.

Oh, and if using your fingers bores you, then the voice command option will do just fine. Now if that does not do it for you, I do not know what would.

The Muzik One Connect has a battery life of up to 30 hours on a single charge letting you enjoy benefits like a tracking device when lost and connectivity to all your Apple devices.

MUZIK One Connect Smarter Headphone connects with Apple devices

I can see why Hart made this headphone his go-to device. Apart from the minor glitch of not being compatible with Android devices, which I know they are working on changing, this headphone should be on your list of “Things To Get” and experience its efficiency.

Kevin Hart Working Out