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Vine, the now defunct social media app brought to the masses a crop of regular, young and talented acts that made the video-sharing app a place to kick start their acting and comedic careers.

One such young and talented person was Logan Alexander Paul who gained fame through the video sharing app.

At one point, the 22 year old star had over 3.1 million followers on various social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, snapchat and Vine getting him a 10th ranking in the most influential figure on Vine in 2015.

Logan Paul flanked by JBL Headphones

Considering the above fact, it was fertile ground for him to earn a lot of money by doing advertisements for various companies on his social media platforms. Companies like PepsiCo, HBO and Hanes were among the many that recruited his Vine prowess to shine a light on their products.

One of those companies is James Bullough Lansing (JBL) sounds. The American company is known for its loudspeakers and other electronics but they also jumped on the earphones and headphones wagon.

To be able to advertise and make known their headphones and earphones, they employed several ways of advertising them and one of them was using Paul and his social media platforms.

Taking on their new range of headphones and earphones that are both wireless and wired, Paul has been seen using their JBL Synchros E40BT model and me being me, I had to know what all the fuss was all about and why so many celebrities including Paul were hooked on this device.

JBL Synchros E40BT, Bluetooth, On-Ear Headphones with JBL Signature Sound, Purebass Performance, Wireless Shareme Music Sharing and a Superior Fit, Black

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The E40BT is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and its design has won it the Red Dot award in 2014. It is quite attractive and you will be the envy of everyone that sees you with it as it also checks off the fashionable item too. The headphone comes in four colors, purple, blue, white and black.

The Synchros E40BT has earcups that swivel 90 degrees and have the on-the-ear design. Its design allows it to fold into a compact shape which in turn makes it easy to store and transport. When transporting, you will have to buy a carry bag separately as it does not come with it when purchased.

When it comes to materials used to make the headphone, they use high-grade plastic for the headband and the general structure except for the circular metal strips found at the rear of the individual earcups.

JBL E40BT Red High-Performance Wireless On-Ear Bluetooth Stereo Headphone

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The earcups have leatherette pads that are soft and passively isolate noise to a certain extent; the headband also has soft leatherette padding. It is rather unfortunate that the headphones have a lot of pressure that press on a person’s head causing tremendous discomfort after a short while.

To be able to manage how you use the headphone, they have included the controls and ports on the left earcup. The headphones come with a jack for the 3.5,,/USB aux cable extensions and a button for the Bluetooth connectivity.

On the left earcup, there is a circular metal strip which has four buttons. Two of those buttons adjust the volume on the headphone; there is a multi-purpose button whose function is to play/pause/change track and many other functions and lastly there is a ShareMe button which allows you to share audio from your headset to another compatible JBL Bluetooth headset.

JBL E50BT Black Premium Wireless Over-Ear Bluetooth Stereo Headphone, Black

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When operating, the Synchros E40BT it will have a frequency of 20Hz to 22 KHz with maximum impedance of 32 Ohms and supports Bluetooth 3.0 and above.

Considering its performance capabilities, the Synchros E40BT has a good sound signature. For those who prefer sound with subdued or no bass will love this headphone. So actually, if you are into EDM and techno music, this is not the headphones for your as the sub-bass is missing its punch and even its mid-bass is just not quite there.

I enjoyed the channel separation when using the headphone and its open sound is quite pleasant to the ears.

The Synchros E40BT’s sound staging is excellent. Its mids and trebles are sufficiently tight making movie watching an experience on its own thanks to the clear voices. The headphone sounds the same in a wired state or wireless state, unlike many other brands of wireless headphones whose sound gets degraded in the wireless state.

JBL E40BT Blue High-Performance Wireless On-Ear Bluetooth Stereo Headphone

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Another performance feature that would wow many users is the fact that its battery lasts for about 16 hours as per the company’s ratings. When I used it, I had it for more than a week and I did not have to recharge it.

For a company that is mainly known for its loudspeakers and stage equipment, the JBL Synchros E40BT is doing wonders for its new range of headphones thanks to its head turning design and good sound quality.

Below are its features in a neat bulleted list:

  • JBL signature sound with PureBass performance and premium 40mm drivers deliver full spectrum sound with uninhibited clarity and powerful bass
  • Bluetooth enabled technology for wireless calling and music play. Built-in Share Me technology allows you to share your content with another set of headphones, simultaneously
  • Ear-cup-based microphone with echo-cancelation technology allows for hands-free calling with a pure connection to your wireless device for clear, hands free calling
  • Built-in, USB rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides 16 hours of uninterrupted listening. And when the battery dies, the included aux cable allows for passive listening
  • Ergonomic headband and protein leather ear-cushions provide an ultra-comfortable fit and effective noise isolation

JBL E40BT White High-Performance Wireless On-Ear Bluetooth Stereo Headphone

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JBL Synchros E40BT image JBL Synchros E40BT colour 
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