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Mark Edward Fischbach who is famously known as Markiplier in the gaming world has pretty much dominated YouTube with his MarkiplierGAME channel whereby he basically commentates on the games he is playing which in nature are indie, survival horror and action based.

Markiplier has a following of devoted gamers who love to know what he is playing, what he is wearing, where he went on vacation and generally everything that is happening in his life. All these prompted him to have a vlog in which he interacts with his fans on various topics and also uses that platform to inspire them to gaming greatness and basic human greatness.

In such a case and somewhat a celebrity and role model, it is no wonder that many of his followers always want to know what he is using in his gaming setup. They always want to know what equipment he is using, from monitors, microphones, cables, tables and headphones.

Today, I will look at his gaming headphones. In whatever situation, be it listening to music, watching TV, making music in the studio, news broadcasting and so many other activities that use audio, it is a given that all these people will want to have clean, clear, audible sound when using headphones.

It is just one of those things and that is why most gaming people also want to have the best of the best when it comes to headphones when they are playing.

Markiplier has been seen using the black Sennheiser HD 598 Over-Ear headphones for a while now. They also come in other various colors.

Sennheiser HD 598 Over-Ear Headphones – Black

The Sennheiser brand has been producing top quality headphones and other devices for over 60 years. The German brand is known for its impeccable sound recording, transmission and reproduction equipment and is also one of the leading companies that provide integrated solutions for electro-acoustic products, systems and services.

Using this headphone, I could not get over the extended spatial sound field caused by its internal surround reflector; I was totally immersed in it. With its Eargonomic Acoustic Refinement (EAR) technology, I had eargasms as the sounds were directed to my ears so clear and accurately.

Velvet Cushions of the HD 598

All the unwanted echoes were reduced to a minimum thanks to the HD 558’s Duofol diaphragms. It was even better thanks to the very plush-looking velour ear pads and headband cushions that provided my head with most luxurious fit.

When you purchase the Sennheiser HD 558 headphone, it will come with a 3.5mm plug adapter and its warranty.

Sennheiser HD 598 Over-Ear Headphone with accompanying features

Below are some of the technical features expected in the HD 558:

  • Transducer type: Dynamic, open
  • Headphone type: Circumaural
  • Frequency response: 15 – 28,000 Hz
  • Total harmonic distortion: <0.1% (1 kHz/100dB SPL)
  • Sound pressure level (SPL): 112dB
  • Impedance: 50 Ohms
  • Cable length: 3m
  • Jack plug: 6.3mm