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The wide receiver for the New York Giants is always seen looking cool with the over-the-ears Beats by Dre headphones

One can see why this headphone is a firm favorite with Beckham Jr. It comes in six different colors and I personally love the matte blue model, the other colors are titanium, white, red and black both in glossy or matte.

Beats by Dre In Blue

I love the fact that this model does not have visible screws on it giving it an excellent and flawless finish.

The headphones come with extra features like a case, a straight cord for wired listening and a cord integrating a remote and microphone for cellphone calls for Apple devices.

Stunting in Beats by Dre while warming up before a game

This headphone model has a built-in microphone that I found to work very well as I could hear and everyone that I called said they could hear me well too despite the elements (I was at a very noisy street).

The Good

It is very comfortable

Has active noise cancellation

Battery lasts 12 hours on wireless listening

Great wireless headset for calling

Beats by Dre Wireless

The Bad

Well, if the battery dies, the headphones will not work

Having used it for a few weeks, I loved its sound, longevity, fit and ability to use it for calls. It ranks up there with the best of the best on Bluetooth headphones.