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Sheldon is a fictional character in the CBS television series, Big Bang Theory. Sheldon is a theoretical physicist at Caltech. Let’s look at the laptop he uses.

Alienware aw17r3-4175slv Gaming Laptop


Extra power: this laptop automatically monitors internal temperature to keep the system cool during intense gaming.

Large screen: this laptop features IPS (in-plane switching)-based LCD technology. The screen is 17 inches with wide viewing angles that gives clear color display.

SoundBlaster X-Fi technology: the laptop features this technology and Kilpsch speakers. It also features 2.0MP Full HD webcam and a built-in dual microphone array.

Intel processor: this feature ensures that the laptop has extra power to give you an intense and fun gaming experience.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity: this laptop features Killer Gigabit Ethernet and Killer Wireless 802.11ac Wi-Fi. This ensures fast video streaming and gaming packets. It also features 4.1 Bluetooth technology.

Carbon fiber craftsmanship: the carbon fiber provides rigidity and high stiffness-to-weight ratio.

Aluminum protection: anodized aluminum offers protection to the laptop that has the same rigidity as the rest of the build.

Cooling with copper: this laptop features copper thermal modules ensure that the processors and graphic cards remain cool all through intense gaming action.

10 million keystrokes: the TactX keyboard offers uniform feedback and protects internal components from debris.

Durable: this laptop is build to withstand lots of functions such as power button pushes, hinges opening and closing, twist, and one million touch pad strokes making it very durable.

Mobility with connectivity: this laptop features USB Type-C port that can be used as a Thunderbolt3 and get 40Gbps. It also has a Solid-State Drive which unlike other USB memory devices, it has does not have moving parts making it secure and less vulnerable to failure. The SSD can pull data from the drive. It is faster the 10,000 rpm Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) in writing speeds. This means that you will get quicker load times. Other connections such as USB 3.0 ports, headphone1/8-port, Noble Lock port, and HDMI (2.0 Output with NVIDIA /1.4 with AMD) Output.


  • Impressive battery life
  • Has a Creative X-Fi sound card
  • Body is protected by anodized aluminum
  • High performance
  • Great cooling system


  • Random crashes
  • Wi-Fi disconnect

Frequently asked questions  

Q: Does this camera have NIVIDIA G-Sync?

A: No. That is the one thing that this laptop misses. But since it has NIVIDIA Optimus, there is no way it could have G-Sync as well.

Q: Does this product ship to Saudi Arabia?

A: Yes. But there is a shipping fee.

Q: Can the RAM be expanded to 32GB?

A: Yes.

Q: Does the laptop feature a USB type C port with in-built thunderbolt 3 technology? I didn’t see any in the photos provided.

A: No, it doesn’t.

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I have seen a lot of reviews complaining about loads of issues with the Alienware laptop. I received mine and had no issues whatsoever. Perhaps I am just lucky or most people that complained were overclocking the laptop or undertaking actions that risked damaging their laptops. I went over my laptop and I did not find dead or bright pixels, no booting issues, bugs, slowness, and no scratches. The only issue I came across was that Star citizen was not recognized by Nvidia. But I soon solved this problem by visit the Nvidia control panel and adding the game on the right pane. Then in the dropdown menu select “High Performance NVIDIA Processor”

Now, on to the review: the laptop felt really solid in my hands. The aluminum on the outside was impressive. The hinges do not creak. The laptop is not too heavy to carry around in a backpack. The keyboard is great and it has a little more actuation force that my mechanical keyboard. The tracking pad is the best I have ever used. The keyboard has really cool backlighting which can be turned off during the day.

This laptop has a high performance level. I ran star citizen at 35-50fps at 1080p. The laptop generates a lot of heat but the fans aren’t too loud and the whoosh sound is not annoying. A game like league of legends does not even get the fans running and when I am not playing games, the laptop is dead quiet. The hard drive that came with this laptop is not great for such a high end purchase. I recommend you get a Samsung 850 EVO. I was able to replace my hard drive successfully and run a fresh install.

The display has clear and accurate colors. It also has a matte finish that decreases glare. The viewing angle is okay and it has great brightness to work well in an office setting. I would recommend the 1080p than the 4K since Windows has poor scaling. 1080p is the highest resolution you can use with no scaling and have a good display. You can instead buy an eternal 4K display so that you can get a really large one. However, I have read great reviews about the 4K display version.

The laptop’s speakers are by Klipsch. It has two speakers in the front and a subwoofer at the bottom. It also has a creative X-Fi sound card. The best feature of this card is the crystallizer which restores sound fidelity lost due to compression. This feature makes the sound similar to what you hear on a stage as opposed to a telephone. For a great experience, I suggest getting headphones or earbuds with standard a 3.5mm connector and not USB. When you use USB the sound will be via the driver and you will not get the full experience of the creative X-Fi. The card can also turn off background noise by turning the option on.

The built-in microphone is also great. In case you want an external microphone, get one with a standard connector and not USB. The laptop also has a long battery life of about 2-3 hours depending on the game. This is great for a gaming laptop.

I got this laptop because of its weight and because it is fast. It also great for using a split view such as having my code editor on one view and Google Chrome on the other. I also run Linux so as to test that my code complies with it and it also supports vmware. Overall, this laptop serves all my needs, the battery life is great, the hardware is high quality, and the build is impressive.