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Ever heard of an event where geeks come together to win serious millions by playing games while a multitude of fellow geeks watch them? Welcome to the world of Major League Gaming (MLG).

Who would have thought spending hours in front of a screen jamming away on buttons was ever going to be a professional sport? No one really but Sundance DiGiovanni and Mike Sepso saw an opportunity and it is what it is now.

With the entire flurry MLG brings, something that all gamers always want to know is what kind of monitors they use to have that high-end gaming experience.

Ask no more my gaming friends. MLG uses the BenQ Zowie RK2460.

Experiencing this 60Hz gaming monitor not only had amazing and unique features, it also offered me great picture quality and fast response time.

BenQ Zowie RL2460

The BenQ Zowie RL2460’s screen is covered in a matte finish, eliminating glaring and reflection of light when gaming. It has a slim 22m bezel that has buttons placed on the right side and its icons on the frame.

Its exclusive Display Pilot Software allows you to go to the Game Mode Loader site to download and install presets for specific gaming and those used by professional gamers.

With its rapid 1ms response time, it gives you a smooth gaming experience eliminating ghosting and blurring in racing games.

A BenQ Zowie RL2460 Setup

Not to take away the fact that the manufactures of this monitor put a lot of consideration on our planet. They package the monitor in an eco-friendly packaging of BFR/PVC casing plastic; they do not use mercury when making the LED backlight screen; the monitor consumes 20W and 27W power making it quite efficient and has a 0.5W standby mode.

It comes with a VGA, HDMI and DVI-D cables, an IEC power cord, a start guide and CD with information and drivers.

This monitor has black eQualizer technology which allows you to see your enemies clearly, does not matter how dark the area is. The pictures on the screen get brightened without affecting the picture quality.

If you opt to mount your monitor on a wall, then it is no problem as it is VESA mount compatible. It also allows you to have multiple screens if that is what you are into.

The RL2460 offers you wonderful gaming ergonomics. You can tilt the monitor by 20 degrees, pivot it into the portrait position, swivel it 45 degrees left or right and adjust the height by 110mm.

A BenQ Multiple Screen Setup

If you like streaming your game, you can do so without any input lag which is enabled by the HDMI-Out port that connects to a recording device that streams the gameplay after displaying on your screen.

To navigate between numerous optimized screen resolutions and aspect ratios, you can use the Display Mode. When you want to manually adjust any custom size settings to your liking, then the Smart Scale feature will help you do that.

The BenQ Zowie RL2460 is fitted with speakers that unfortunately produce very weak sound, maximum volume or not. This is more the reason why you notice a lot of the gamers using this monitor have headphones on or have high quality speakers connected.

Gamers testing out the BenQ Zowie RL2460

Unlike many monitors out there, this one does not have USB ports to connect a keyboard, mouse or gaming console device.

If you want to watch a movie using this monitor, it is advisable to choose the standard mode in the OSD menu.

So if you know you are an aspiring or professional RTS gamer, this is the monitor for you.