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Hiko is an American professional counter strike: global offensive player who previously played for Team liquid. He became popular when his team finished third in the first major CS: GO tournament ESWC 2012 with the previous Area 51. His strengths are lurking, solo site play, and clutching capability.

BenQ ZOWIE EC2-A E-Sports Ergonomic Optical Gaming Mouse


This is a 3310 optical sensor which is excellent. It weighs 95g minus the cable. The buttons are huano switches and it recommended for First Person Shooter games. The approximate sizes for palm, claw, and fingertip respectively are 16-19.5cm, 16.5-19.5cm, and 17.5-20cm.

The mouse is very comfortable and the shape is outstanding. The mouse does not have a software so the side buttons are by default forward and back. Lift off distance is low but can be altered. Polling rate and DPI can also be altered. DPI steps are 400, 800, 1600, and 3200.

Zowie is known for make simple mice with high concentration on detail. The mice are comfortable but because of the nature of the buttons, they are recommended for FPS only. The improvements I can suggest are lighter left and right buttons and they should be separate from the shell, less travel on the side buttons, and completely revamping the scroll wheel. In case this mouse is too small for you, you can go with the EC1-A.

Other features include: plug and play mouse, 1.5-1.8mm lift off distance, 16-step scroll wheel, adjustable USB report rate of 125 / 500 / 1000 Hz, 5 buttons, and 2m cable length.


Excellent sensor

Great and comfortable size

Recommended for FPS games


Travel on the side buttons is long before actuation

Left and right buttons are not light

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is the difference between this mouse and the EC1-A?

A: The EC2-A is smaller than the EC1-A.

Q: Is this the relaunch 2016 EC series with omrons or the 2015 series with huano switches?

A: The omrons can only be found on right now. When it available on Amazon, the zowie will be black and red and it will also be announced on the Zowiegear Facebook page.

Q: Which is better, this mouse of the FinalMouse 2016?

A: This is better. I at first loved the FinalMouse 2016 because it has almost everything right but for quality build that Zowie has.

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I have previously used deathadder and MX510/MX518. This is my first time using Zowie products thanks to the many recommendations I got. While the deathadder was big, this mous fits my hand perfectly. The mouse texture is great. It becomes grippy with damp hands as opposed to dry hands. This is fine with me as five minutes into gaming my palms perspire a bit. This mouse weighs 80 to 85g which is neither heavy nor light. The shape is comfortable and is supports any kind of grip whether is palm, claw, hybrid or fingertip.

The 3310 sensor is excellent. It has zero noticeable acceleration. It has a speed of over 5m/s. it also has the lowest lift off distance that I have ever come across. You can also alter the LOD settings without the need of a unique sensor. Low LOD is crucial for any competitive gamer especially low sensitivity games such as CS: GO. The LOD out of the box below 2mm. however, you can set the mouse depending on your needs. The mouse has a 1:1 ratio of hand to cursor movement.

The mouse is durable and light. It does not produce any noise once I squeeze the shell. The shell does not give once pressure is exerted on it.

The mouse’s key buttons are huano blue switches which work well just as morons and last just as long. The huanos, however, have a stiff actuation force. Huanos have a loud click and a high tactile feedback compared to morons. I love these switches because they do not tire my palms at all. However, I feel that Zowie can enhance the side buttons although they function decently. I do have to change my grip to press them. The issue is that they are mushy and some pre-travel prior to actuation. Coming from a Deathadder that has the best side buttons ever, it is disappointing.

The DPI for this mouse is 400/800/1600/3200 which is perfect for hard core gaming. In case you have been used to a mouse where you can alter the DPI selection it should not take long to get used to this unless you were using a mouse with a 5000 DPI. However, such a DPI is not important. A mouse sensor actually performs better at a lower DPI since it won’t depend on interpolation. At least Zowie does not involve itself with the DPI race. It gives professional players what they need without depending on drivers and software. This mouse is made for everyone right out of the box with the only exception being lift off distance settings which will have to changed for hard pad users.

Overall, I recommend this mouse to hardcore gamers especially for FPS games, to those concerned with tracking, zero acceleration, prediction, and angle snapping. Also get this mouse in case you want a LAN ready mouse that is simply plug and play with DPI steps. Zowie has clearly made a great mouse with an outstanding sensor. This is the best gaming mouse in the market.