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Stimpy is a Serbian Counter Strike: offensive player.  Here is the mouse he uses.

Logitech G400s 910-003589 Optical Gaming Mouse


4000 DPI sensor: this feature comes with Delta Zero technology. The sensor is accurately high. It offers consistent tracking at any hand speed. It is goes beyond eye and hand coordination offering precision.

8 programmable buttons: with this feature you can assign in-game actions to mouse button hence saving the time of clicking 0n-screen icons. With the Logitech software you can assign functions to keyboard keystrokes or multi-command macros. You can also control the game and increase the performance of mouse with pre-configured settings.

Comfortable design: the mouse features hydrophobic coating which prevents the hand from sticking. The primary buttons feature fingerprint-resistant coatings. The mouse features the renowned MX 518 shape for a comfortable grip.

1millisecond report rate: this means that there is zero delay for every action you make. The mouse communicates 1000 times per second which is eight times faster your standard USB mouse.

Instant in-game sensitivity switching: you can easily change the DPI by the simple press of a button. The DPI level range from pixel-precise targeting (400 DPI) to super fast movements (4000 DPI).

Easy to set-up software: you can use the Logitech software to set-up commands for your games. Customize mouse tracking and buttons by simply dragging and dropping settings. You can also use pre-configured customizations that automatically detect the game you are playing.

Ultra-durable build: the buttons have a long life of 20 million clicks which is five times longer than other gaming mice. The feet are low friction that lasts 250 km. it is also designed to minimize drag for smoother movements.


  • Accurate and precise
  • Customizable buttons
  • Comfortable design


  • Short life span

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is the size of the mouse?

A: It is a slightly large mouse. It is ideal for anyone that uses a curve grip.

Q: Is this a standard office mouse with additional buttons or is it a heavy duty gaming mouse?

A: This mouse would be overkill when used in the office but it would not hurt.

Q: I presently use am MX518. What it the comparison between this mouse and the MX518 in terms of use and size? I have small hands and I have a hard time finding a comfortable gaming mouse.

A: I am not sure about the M518 but the Logitech G400 is narrow and it fits my medium hands perfectly.

Q: How does this mouse compare in size with a G502 Proteus Core? I want it for my 14-year-old grandson and he will need a small mouse than some.

A: The G400 is larger but is designed for any form of hand. So it might be comfortable for your grandson.

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This mouse is great with lots of features but it is really fragile for such a very expensive mouse. I had a G400 whose cable I broke accidentally. I also have another Logitech which I like. So to replace the one I broke, I bought another which is similar.

However, I started having issues with the sensor. The mouse would not move when I moved it. My work mouse had such a problem and I had deduced that the problem was a bad environment since a lot of people used my docking station. It was disappointing that I had only used it for one and half years. For such a price tag, I expected it to last as long as my computer motherboard.

All in all, the mouse has great points. I found it very comfortable. When it was still new, it was accurate and precise. The primary buttons are crisp and precise. The scroll wheel and side buttons work really well.

This mouse has more features that your basic ten dollar mouse but it does not last long enough. I think the next time I will go with something cheaper and even though I use four of them, I will still be within the price range of this mouse.