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Mark Edward Fischbach commonly known as Markiplier is a popular American YouTube personality who specializes in let’s play video games for horror and action. Here is the PC he uses.

MSI VR Ready Aegis-050US


VR ready: this PC supports virtual reality gaming which has become really popular. It contains enough power and performance to handle this futuristic kind of gaming.

Intel core i7 processor: this PC features the latest 6th generation Intel core i7 processor. The processor’s 14nm micro-architecture codename is Skylake. This Skylake platform features low energy consumption and high level performance. This performance is 13% higher than that of Intel Core TM i7-4790.

Silent storm cooling 2: this cooling system gives outstanding performance. The system has two chambers that handle the cooling of different components of this PC. The system keeps the temperature under control resulting in a cool and quiet operation. You also have the option of installing a liquid cooling system to ensure extreme CPU overlocking.

Mystic light: you can customize your PC with the available RGB Mystic light LEDs. Choose from the available colors to match the design of your PC. There are alco different color effects to choose from such as Breathing, Gradient, Gaming, or Music modes to match any environment.

Nahimic audio enhancer: the Nahimic audio software offers HD sound technology which improves the sound and voice performance of your gaming. This also features a 7.1 virtual sound.


  • Works with Oculus Rift
  • Cools easily
  • Great for VR
  • PC can be upgraded
  • High quality build


  • Manufacturer does not sell components to upgrade the unit

Frequently asked questions

Q: Is the OS installed in the 2TB drive or the SSD?

A: The OS is installed on the drive not the SSD.

Q: Does this model have the awesome Wi-Fi and LAN?

A: Yes. I get about 60mbps over Wi-Fi and over 100mps over the LAN cable. My internet connection line carries 101mbps. I have not tried connecting the LAN cable to other PCs.

Q: Will 350W be sufficient to power this PC?

A: Yes, it will.

Q: Will this i5 1060 model coke with the mouse and keyboard?

A: I bought my PC recently which is an i7 1080, and I did not think it would either. So I had bought a mouse and keyboard combo. I then picked up the package from UPS only to find that there was a mouse and keyboard already.  The two have great designs that go along with the PC. So I think if mine had a mouse and keyboard, yours should too.

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I was disappointed to find out on opening the box that the OS was installed on the slower drive instead of the SSD. I decided to work with it as it was since I hardly ever reboot my computer. I usually save my games and VR content on the SSD for the speed boost. I find the PC really quiet and cool even after heavy usage. It also supports Oculus Rift. I have had a difficult time install Windows 10 Anniversary update. My first trial installed 23% in seven hours. I sought for advice on a forum and found out that after using the upgrade assistant to download the update to my hard drive, it only took 25 minutes to install with the Wi-Fi and SSD disabled.