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YI Dome IP security surveillance system

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Who am I and how did I test this product?

I am a mother of a 6 month old baby. I rarely stay at the house because most of the time I am constantly on essential business trips.6 months ago, I had to purchase a surveillance camera so as to monitor my home when am away, since the security in the neighborhood is never a guarantee.

I fall for the YI Dome security camera which has really served me greatly since then. At least I can monitor my baby (the camera detects the cry of the baby) and talk to my dog whenever I want since the video resolution is also fantastic.

Is YI Technology Company a scam?

The YI technology company has been in operation since late 2014. They have an activewebsitethat dates back to 2015.

The company is known for its innovative technology that is incorporated in their products to ensure richer, safer and more fun for the everyday life. It makes sure that you feel not only emotionally attached but also physically attached to your household, kids and watch over your nanny or intruders.

What do the positive and negative reviews say?

The YI Dome security camera has 200+ positive reviews and 30+ negative reviews.

The product has been available since 2016.

Pros of YI Dome Security surveillance camera

Features Benefits
Social media presence and followers The YI technology has 340 000+ followers on their Facebook page, 23000+ Instagram followers, 1000+ twitter followers and 5000+ YouTube subscribers.

Useful and relevant videos are always posted on the YouTube channel to help you learn more about the surveillance camera.

Customer support Customer support or any assistance can be forwarded via the company’s Email.

The assistance is instant with friendly and high responsive support staff.

You may also contact them via their social media, i.e. Facebook or twitter.

Warranty The warranty is limited to a year when the YI Dome camera is purchased from authorized dealers.

There is also a 30 day money back guarantee in case you have ordered the camera but it has not satisfied your expectations.

Wide angle view The YI Dome gives you a full 360 degrees panoramic view. There is 112˚ wide angle advanced glass lens, 345˚ horizontal and 115˚ vertical rotation range. All these add up to a complete 360˚.
High video quality The videos have a resolution of 1080p; hence the captured footage is detailed and sharp.

Video streaming is 15 frames per second. The camera features a 2MP CMOS sensor and has a zooming capability of up to 4X.

It allows panning and tilting, for full footage coverage.

Night vision The night vision has been enhanced, adding to clarity on dark nights. The YI Dome camera has 8 built-in 940nm infrared LED beads that extend the viewing distance to 3 meters.
Advanced motion detection and tracking The YI Dome security surveillance camera has advanced motion algorithms that automatically detects movements, captures them and tracks their movement trajectory.

The default motion tracking is 10 seconds.

The auto-cruise mode lets you survey a given area at 360° especially when scanning for large rooms with several areas.

You can select and bookmark up to 8 locations of preferred viewing angles and select on any them at the tap of a bottom.

The auto-masking mode prevents the camera from recording without your permission.

Alerts The captured motion and recorded events are send to you via phone to help you monitor everything.

There is a ‘Baby cry alert’ exclusively for detecting the cry of the baby. The camera will instantly alert the parents and a video footage up to 5 meters from the cry will be captured.

To-way audio The audio system features a built-in dual microphone, speaker and a 3D noise reduction technology for a crystal clear two-way audio.

You can select the intercom mode where one party talks as the other one listens at a time or the hands-free mode where both parties talk and listen freely.

Easy to set up The camera can be mounted easily; vertically, on the wall or ceiling.

This is not as complicated as competing security cameras, as it may take less than 10 minutes.

Free local storage There is absolutely no subscription fee. The camera supports class 4 and above 4-32GB storage capacity.

For instance, a 32GB can hold up to 80 hour long video recorded continuously or in motion detection.

There is also an option of storing in the YI cloud so that your footage may not be lost in the SD card.

The YI app The app is user-friendly, easy to navigate and customize your settings such as the activity alerts, bookmarks, camera sharing or schedules. The app also lets you connect with a large number of devices for a maximum experience.

It is compatible with the iOS and android operating systems. PCs above windows XP are also supported.

Inexpensive The camera costs less than the price of competing security cameras. It is actually below $100.

Wide-angle lens for entire area coverage

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Cons of YI Dome Security surveillance camera

The mobile viewing app The app may be annoying at times, as it sends some advertisement alerts randomly to certain users.

Moreover, installing it requires several permissions than is needed, such as contacts, storage, microphone, camera, phone and several others. Permissions like disabling one’s screen lock or retrieving running apps seem to make no sense at all. For instance, the screen lock such as fingerprint is so sensitive when unlocked with someone other than you.

Storage memory In order to increase the memory capacity of your device, the micro SD needs to be incorporated to your device and connected with a PC.

Only up to 32GB micro SD size is supported.

Indoor camera The camera is exclusively for indoors only. It might not work well when used outdoors, as it may not withstand the different weather conditions.
Wi-Fi It only works with the dual band 2.4GHz routers.

Monitor your home with the YI app

Why the YI Dome surveillance camera is the best

The YI Dome camera is the best surveillance camera and among the few, compared to competing cameras, that sell at a price below $100. The performance of the camera is great. You can actually monitor your home on full 360 degrees wide angle coverage, thanks to the panning and tilting capabilities of the camera. It is therefore effective for a very large room with several areas.

YI Dome is perfect when you have kids or favorite pets but you are busy to stay with them. The camera is so sensitive to the cry of a baby and it will instantly alert you and capture the video of the baby crying.It also detects a slight movement or sound and keeps you alerted. You can also have a video and audio chat with someone at the other end via the 2-way audio system supporting both intercom and hands-free modes. The video quality both at night and during the day is perfect with a sharp resolution

The package includes the YI Dome camera, adaptor, USB cable, base tray, 2 screws and the start guide manual. YI Dome surveillance camera is available in black and white colors only.

Multiple angle installation

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Other publications that recommend the product

The has reviewed the YI Dome camera as the cheapest but feature rich surveillance camera. The site has recommended the camera for its incredible motion tracking, free cloud storage, full angle coverage and its ability to integrate with other YI cameras.

The www.king5.comrecommends the YI Dome camera as the best gift one can give to someone who is looking for an in-home monitoring camera. According to the site, this camera is easy to set up and lets you monitor your room straight from your phone via Wi-Fi or call service. It captures videos at high quality and the infrared technology incorporated in it aids in the clear night vision.