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Zmodo smart wireless security camera

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Who am I and how did I test this product?

Am a very busy mother and wife who spends most her my time away from the house because of work. I therefore have to monitor what goes on while am away so that I ensure and update myself on the peace and security of my family, especially my 9 month old baby. What has really helped me is the Zmodo Smart wireless Security camera, which I have owned for the past one and a half years.

Is Zmodo Company a scam?

Zmodo is a manufacturing company that has been in business since 2009. Since then, the company has been providing video surveillance technology and security solutions to all their customers. Their website has been in operation and very active since 2011.

The Zmodo products are known for offering professional solutions to security matters, andproducing easy-to-use and affordable products. It has a growing market with global reaches in North America, Middle East, Europe and Australia despite being headquartered in Shenzhen, China.

Other services and products offered by Zmodo include cameras, DVR, NVR, intelligent management systems, surveillance systems and generally the best user experience to customers.

What do the positive and negative reviews say?

The Zmodo smart security camera has 400+ positive reviews and 100+ negative reviews.

The product has been available for more than 3 years.

Pros of the Zmodo smart wireless security camera

Features Benefits
Social media presence andfollowing Zmodo has a Facebook following of 15000+, 900+ Twitter followers and 1800+ YouTube subscribers.

Their social media act as a contact support where you can also seek assistance, get video tutorials and further support.

Customer care support All complains and support services can be Emailed to the Zmodo support team that has a highly responsive team operating 24/7.

You can also make a call to them between 8am-8pm CST on 217-903-5037.

Warranty The Zmodo products have a 3-year warranty counted from the invoice date. The defective product is returned to the company for repair or replacement.

In case you have purchased the product but it has not met your expectations, you can have it returned within 30 days and have your money back, provided that you have returned it while still in good condition i.e. free from damages of any type.

Easy to set-up The new smartlink wireless set up technology allows you to set up the system in less than 5 minutes. Configuration is not necessary, because when the setup is run, the NVR system automatically communicates with the phone.
Video resolution of 720p HD The picture quality is finely detailed and crystal clear.
Wide-angle lens The lens is 2.1mm wide with an angle of 105˚ diagonally. This feature lets you minimize the cost of installing more cameras, as this one will still capture the entire scene.

There is no need to pan or tilt.

A longer recording Zmodo smart wireless security camera lets you maximize the available memory by saving up to 40 days of footage. The intelligent recording mode is capable of saving up to 80% of your 500GB hard drive storage. This property is made possible by the H.264 video compression technology which also serves to conserve internet bandwidth.

Recording takes 5 seconds.

Motion-activated alerts You will always be notified in case of motion detection. The NVR is so sensitive to a slight movement, and will instantly alert you via email. About 4 to 5 snapshots of the events will follow suit for further details.

The alerts can be scheduled by specific time and date.

Night vision The infrared night vision is so clear up to 80 feet to help you see what is happening in the dark.
The Zmodo app This app is easy to navigate and is available and supported by iOS and android devices. It keeps you connected by streaming video directly to your device.

You can access the videos remotely on your smartphone, PC or iPad.

Weatherproof The camera can be placed outdoor since it is wireless with aluminum housings and can withstand all weather conditions, such as, cold, heat or different temperatures.
Easy to expand You can actually add extra cameras, up to 10 or more.
Cloud storage and convenient backup The cloud storage option gives you an unlimited storage option and prevents data loss.

You can also transfer video files to your PC via the built-in USB port.

MeShare web client MeShare allows you to view live video on any PC through the MeShare web client.

No setup is required. All you have to do is login with your Zsight user account and view the surveillance footage.

The web client has features that let you edit your alerts, manage devices or upgrade your firmware.

Day and Night video footage

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Cons of the Zmodo smart wireless security camera

Wi-Fi connectivity The Zmodo security camera is only compatible with 2.4GHz wireless. If your router is 5GHz, then this camera is useless to you.
Zmodo app The app is not supported by windows phone.
The mounting base The base is too short and at times you will have to extend the length of the shaft in order to mount it and get the angle that is needed.
Once in a while the camera may go offline This occurs for no apparent reason. The camera may reconnect by itself or you can unplug and restart it.

Reconnecting may be as long as 5 hours.


What the Zmodo security camera is best for

The Zmodo security camera is best for its 1280*720 video resolution with 25 frames per second which allows you to record fine details without missing a point. The camera is so inexpensive but offers rich features. It is actually the best under $100.

Unlike most security cameras, the Zmodo smart security camera is purchased in a pack of 4 infrared IP cameras. This minimizes your budget of buying another set to install to other security areas of interest because the 4 sets offered in the Zmodo purchase are enough to meet your needs. Each of the lenses has 105˚viewing angle to cover an entire area without the need for panning or tilting.

This camera is best for your business or your home security. You can watch over your kids, pets and get instant security alerts in case of a slight movement around.

The package includes a 4 channel HD network video recorder, 4  Zmodo IP cameras, 4 network cables 4 power supplies and a quick guide.

The Full package

Other publications that recommend the Zmodo security camera

The site has reviewed the Zmodo smart security camera as the best home surveillance camera with great video resolution of 720p at 1280 X 720 pixels. Despite its low price, the features are great. It is easy to set up, incorporated with the infrared technology to allow clear videos even in low light or at night and smart instant motion alerts. The site considers the camera because it has no hidden monthly charges like most of the competing brands.

The recommends this camera to homeowners because it is easy to set up-approximately 3 minutes, 24/7 surveillance camera with a clearer vision at night, long warranty of up to 2 years, wide-angle view with a vertical viewing angle of 105 degrees and good quality videos.